West Jakarta tourist attractions apart from malls

Most of West Jakarta is a residential area. West Jakarta, which is famous for its Dutch heritage buildings which are still in use, has begun to become a new business center, as happened in South Jakarta. But even so, that does not mean there are no tourist attractions in West Jakarta. What are the tourist attractions in West Jakarta besides the mall? Here’s the discussion:

1. Chinatown (Glodok)

West Jakarta Tourist Attractions Apart from the Mall - Glodok Chinatown
Glodok Chinatown
The Glodok area is West Jakarta’s version of Chinatown. Like normal Chinatown, here you can see buildings with typical Chinese architecture and an atmosphere like in China. Chinatown has always been synonymous with culinary and shopping tours, and Glodok is no exception. Here you can find tons of cheap and unique items, as well as various types of delicious food ranging from those in shops to those in carts. For those who are Muslim, I suggest that before buying food, ask first if the food contains pork or not, because in this area a lot of food contains pork. Items that can be purchased in this area are electronics, DVDs, vegetables, Chinese goods, traditional medicines, toys, accessories, glasses, food, drinks, sewing tools, and so on. The unique thing that is here is that you will see some people still use the abacus to calculate in this calculator era.

2. Old Town Batavia

West Jakarta Tourist Attractions Apart from the Mall - the old town of Batavia
Batavia old town
Kota Tua Jakarta or often called Kota Tua Batavia is a historical heritage located in West Jakarta. This location used to be the center of trade in Asia in the 16th century. The atmosphere in the Old City is very interesting because this place is an original Dutch heritage area. Many onthel bikes can be rented here, can be used to get around the Old City, or to take pictures. This location is a favorite location for photo hunters because of its unique atmosphere. Kota Tua is the most popular tourist spot in West Jakarta, especially on weekends. Every weekend, this area is filled with visitors and street vendors.

3. Museum Fatahillah (Jakarta History Museum)

West Jakarta Tourist Attractions Apart from the Mall - Jakarta history museum fatahillah
Jakarta History Museum Fatahillah
Fatahillah Museum or also known as the Jakarta History Museum is one of the largest museums in Jakarta. Built in 1707 as a town hall, it has office space, a courtroom and a dungeon. In 1974, the building with 17th century architecture turned into a museum. Collections owned by Fatahillah museum are archaeological items, antique furniture, ceramics, inscriptions, Betawi cultural objects, cannons, statues, and others. Fatahillah museum has facilities, namely a library, canteen, gift shop, cinema, prayer room, meeting room and garden. My advice, if you want to come to this museum, come on weekends because the streets around this museum are very jammed on weekdays.

4. City Diamond Bridge

West Jakarta Tourist Attractions Apart from the Mall - the diamond city bridge
diamond city bridge
Kota Intan Bridge is the only remaining Dutch heritage bridge in Jakarta. Was damaged by an attack in 1629, this bridge was finally repaired by the Dutch because of its very important function. Located in the Old City area, the Kota Intan Bridge is made of iron and wood so it is quite interesting to be a place for taking photos.

5. Bank Indonesia Museum

West Jakarta Tourist Attractions Apart from the Mall - the Indonesian bank museum
Indonesian Bank Museum
Bank Indonesia Museum is the best museum in Jakarta in my opinion. What makes me say that? The Bank Indonesia Museum is a very modern, clean and tidy museum, unlike most other museums in Jakarta which are poorly maintained. With its neat arrangement, attractive lighting, air-conditioned rooms, and good management, this museum has international class quality and is the most comfortable museum to visit in Jakarta in my opinion. Collections owned by the Bank Indonesia Museum are banknotes, coins, gold bars, safes, and other objects that witness Indonesian history and are related to finance. Apart from being comfortable and educational, the entrance fee to the Bank Indonesia Museum is free, therefore this museum is one of the must-visit tourist attractions in West Jakarta!

6. Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics

West Jakarta Tourist Attractions Apart from malls - fine arts and ceramics museums
fine arts and ceramics museum
The Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum is home to many international-class works of art by Indonesian artists since the 1800s. The art collections owned by the Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum total more than 400 objects in the form of sculptures, paintings, sketches, painted batik, and wooden totems which are divided according to certain time periods. For its ceramic collection, this museum has a collection of local and foreign ceramics, which are the historical heritage of the country concerned.

7. Puppet Museum

West Jakarta Tourist Attractions Apart from the Mall - the puppet museum
puppet museum
Wayang Museum is located at Pintu Besar Utara Street No. 27, West Jakarta. As the name implies, this museum has a collection of various types of wayang with a total of around 6,000 puppets. The types of puppets here are puppet shows, shadow puppets, wayang klitik, toy puppets, and masks. The collections owned by the Wayang Museum come from various regions in Indonesia and each of them has an interesting history and story. Apart from domestic puppets, this museum also has a collection of puppets and puppets from abroad on the second floor.

8. Red Shop

West Jakarta Tourist Attractions In addition to malls - red shops
red shop
Toko Merah is in the Old City area. As the name implies, Toko Merah has a red building. In the past, this building was used as the residence of one of the Governor-General of the VOC. The name Toko Merah appeared when a person of Chinese descent used this building in 1851 to become a shop. There are many scary stories circulating in the community about Toko Merah, but if you enter the Red Shop which is still standing firm, this place is actually quite well maintained, unlike the stories that are circulating. This building is very unique!

9. Textile Museum

textile museum
textile museum
The Textile Museum which is located at Jalan KS Tubun Petamburan No. 4, West Jakarta used to be a house belonging to a French person and was eventually handed back to the Jakarta Regional Government. The hallmark of this museum is its very large doors, buildings with colonial architecture, and floor tiles with unique motifs. This museum has thousands of fabrics from all over Indonesia, but only a small portion is exhibited to the general public. The types of fabrics here are woven fabrics, grass cloth, batik cloth, mixed fabrics, and clothes made of bark.

10. An-Nawier Mosque

An Nawier Mosque (republika)
An Nawier Mosque (republika)
An-Nawier Mosque is one of the tourist attractions in West Jakarta with the category of religious tourism and historical tourism. The An-Nawier Mosque was a center for the spread of Islam. An-Nawier Mosque has a unique shape resulting from a fusion of foreign cultures. One of the characteristics of An-Nawier Mosque is that it does not have a dome like mosques that are commonly found in Indonesia. The mosque, which can accommodate more than 2,000 people, has been visited by many tourists until now.

11. Zion Church (Portuguese Church)

the portuguese church of sion
the portuguese church of sion
The Zion Church or better known as the Portuguese Church is an ancient church with a magnificent and sturdy architecture. The church which is located on Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta has a capacity of around 1,000 people. An interesting fact about the Church of Zion is that this building is the oldest building that is still used according to its original purpose, there are indeed many other buildings that are older, but all of them have changed functions. The number above the door of the Church of Zion is a number that shows the age of the church.
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