Vacation With Your Partner – The Troubles And Tips On How To Overcome It

After all this time, now you have the opportunity to vacation with your partner. Yesss! Maybe this is the first time or how many times. But sometimes just like something that can interfere with your partner on vacation.

Of course it is a natural thing, many say, when traveling or on vacation with a partner, the personality of each partner will surface. How could we not, while on vacation our bodies and minds adjust to the new environment, when with your partner they also experience the same thing.

Vacation Tips With Couples - Couples Holding Hands Seeing Each Other (clearsky)
Vacation Tips With Your Partner (clearsky)

Imagine this, when your partner gets food poisoning in a hotel room, will you handle it calmly when he spits his stomach? Or have to frantically wake up hotel people for help?

Here we will discuss vacation tips for couples, and will be divided into 2 articles. The first article will contain tips for couples when planning a vacation and the second will contain tips for couples during their vacation later.

Vacation Tips With Your Partner In Vacation Planning

1. Choose a destination that you both like

Vacation Tips with Couples - Taking notes in an eye glass pencil (Laurensauder)
Vacation Tips With Your Partner – Choose a Destination You Like (Laurensauder)

The easiest thing to do is for each of you to write down your 10 favorite destinations. If you want to vacation domestically, write down the 10 cities that you want to be your next vacation destination. Write in order from the most liked first.

After that, one of you can read out the list that you have from above, then the other one checks whether what is being read is on the list. If you find a suitable one, great, you’ve got your next goal. But if you haven’t found it, try again to create a new list.

If you want to determine a destination abroad, it would be better to match the list of countries first, then after meeting the right country, you can make a list of cities that you like the most from that country and match them again.

2. Check whether the destination has something you both like

Vacation Tips with Couples - Sempu Island, Malang
Vacation Tips with Couples – Sempu Island, Malang

You have to discuss for this step, after finding a destination that you want to visit, try to think about what you want to do while on vacation.

For example, you want a vacation with cool air and your partner wants a vacation to the beach, of course, the peak, Cipanas is not a good solution for you. Remember, that vacation is for the two of you, it is much better and more comfortable if you two can enjoy that vacation together.

Instead of going to Cipanas, it would be better, for example, to choose Malang as your next vacation destination. You can divide on what days you are in the highland area and on which days you are in the coastal area. For those of you who decide to go to Malang and are confused about where to go, it’s better to read this first: 11 Popular Tourist Attractions in Malang, Hits & Unforgettable in 2021

3. Make a Detailed Plan to Reduce Misunderstandings

Planning, Writing on Books and Paper (firmbee)
Vacation Tips with Couples – Make a Detailed Plan (firmbee)

Once your final destination has been determined, it’s time to make a detailed plan. Don’t harbor anything when planning this, take your opinion out, don’t let it seem as if all of you have agreed together, when on vacation one of you will discuss this matter and end up being a vacation that doesn’t wear, or worse, your relationship is not harmonious anymore.

Some aspects that must be discussed are: budget (budget), activities to be carried out, city or nature. The first aspect is the most crucial, especially if this happens for couples with quite different incomes.

Maybe one of you with more income chooses to stay in 4 or 5 star hotels, while the one with a lower income agrees to stay in hostels only.

Or one would prefer to eat at a restaurant rather than on the side of the road. It is this small thing that must be discussed since planning, to avoid inconvenience while on your vacation later. Make sure you complete this step as small as a budget (budget) per day on your vacation.

4. Compromise

Holding hands (romankraft)
Vacation Tips With Couples – Compromise (romankraft)

A relationship will be very difficult to live without compromise. Like the previous example, regarding the hotel. If one of you with more income wants more joint ventures, so you can enjoy a more comfortable hotel, so be it. Or maybe you can compromise on staying in a 3-star hotel at a reasonable price and still be comfortable for the two of you.

Don’t forget to always try new things, wouldn’t it be better if you tried something new with your partner? Oh and one more thing, it is advisable not to go camping if this is your first time on vacation together, unless you are both fans of camping.

Why? Because when camping, you will be in a narrow tent, there is nothing to hide. Your partner will notice every little gesture. If you are not really ready for it, it’s better to do it next time.

But if you are ready and willing to go camping, along with the tools you must bring, lest anyone is left behind. 16 Essential Camping Equipment You Need To Have!

5. Trial at the Weekend in advance

Vacation Tips with Couples - Bogor Botanical Gardens
Vacation Tips With Couples – Trial at Weekends

It’s good to have an umbrella before it rains. Of course, the vacation that you are going to do will cost more than if you take a vacation on the weekend.

Try planning a weekend with your partner in a location not too far from where you live. For example, for those of you who live in the Jakarta or Tangerang area, you can choose to take a vacation to the Bogor area, because it is relatively cheap in terms of transportation.

If your trial is successful, then you move on to the next stage, a longer vacation. If your trial has not been successful, try to talk about it again for planning a longer vacation.

6. Packing Respectively

Women's Backpack (jeremybishop)
Vacation Tips With Couples – Each Packing (jeremybishop)

This step really depends on the mode of transportation that will be taken when you arrive in the destination city. If you are going to use public transportation, it will be much better if you carry your own belongings using a comfortable backpack.

Remember, each baggage is carried by each. This is to reduce fights between you, just bring enough, because you are the ones who will carry your luggage.

But if the mode of transportation you choose is a private vehicle, of course this will be very helpful. You don’t need to minimize your luggage.

Talking about packing, we often forget things that are quite crucial on the way. It’s better to read this first, so that nothing will be left on your trip: Vacation Packing List – All Things You Don’t Forget

What is next?

Of course once everything is over, you will be ready to go on vacation! What are the tips that you should know so that unwanted things don’t happen during the holidays: Tips on Vacation with a Partner.

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