Vacation Tips With Your Partner – Things You Really Should Avoid

Why do we need vacation tips with a partner? Vacation with a partner does have its own challenges compared to vacation alone. How not, you and your partner will spend longer together than usual days. There will be two egos rubbing against each other on vacation.

But of course you don’t need to worry, if you understand what to do in certain conditions. This series of articles consists of 2 parts, the first part contains tips when planning a vacation while the second part contains tips while on the vacation itself.

This article is the second part. If you want to read the first part, you can read it here: Vacation With Your Partner – The Trouble and Tips on How to Overcome It.

Vacation Tips With Your Spouse While On Vacation

1. Adjust Your Expectations

Vacation Tips With Couples - Couples Watching the Sunset (mahkeo)
Vacation Tips With Your Partner – Adjust Your Expectations (mahkeo)

Most of us know our partner quite well, so we plan a vacation with him. In fact, we will behave differently between at home, a place that we already know and know, by behaving in a new environment and atmosphere.

Likewise with your partner. They will behave out of the ordinary that you are familiar with. So always be open for this to happen, so that you don’t feel like your partner is acting beyond your expectations.

2. Alone Does Not Mean Unsupportive

Men Diving (mjliao)
Vacation Tips With Your Partner – Alone Does Not Mean Unsupportive (mjliao)

As explained in the previous article, you and your partner can have different preferences. If you want to dive in the sea, while your partner doesn’t really like it, let him or her not participate in your activity this one.

Not participating doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. You can do that on your own, enjoying the solitude when you’ve spent more time together.

3. Stay Healthy Together

Vacation Tips With Your Partner - Soto Ayam Depot Podjok Kediri (shutterstock)
Vacation Tips With Your Partner – Stay Healthy Together (shutterstock)

During holidays, it often makes us lazy to follow a healthy lifestyle that has been implemented. But that is what makes our bodies less healthy after the holidays are over because of cholesterol, high blood pressure and increased body weight.

In addition, during holidays, you will also feel less fit, which will lead to your vacation being less than optimal. There are several things that you can apply easily, what are they? Healthy Vacation – 5 of the Easiest Tips to Do

4. Talk Everything

Couple Chat (thanhharry)
Vacation Tips With Couples – Talk About Everything (thanhharry)

Many of us choose to keep quiet in fights in order to maintain real peace. Of course one day it will explode with chaotic impact.

Always talk about things that are blocked and discuss together. Not tantrums yes, but talk about these things carefully and discuss together to find a middle way.

Will it come up? Of course, small things should also be discussed such as, you want to go out at night and enjoy the area you are currently visiting, your partner wants to rest at the inn. This must be discussed together and find a way out together.

5. Use each other’s strengths

Vacation Tips with Couples - 17+ Must-Have Travel Applications for Travelers, Download Now!  Cell Phones (shutterstock)
Vacation Tips With Couples – Use Each Other’s Strengths (shutterstock)

Maybe it can be called for duty. Maybe you are more skilled at driving vehicles, it would be better if most of your trip was driving.

Your partner may be better at navigation and planning, he will be in charge of itinerary planning and direction during the trip.

In addition to navigation, many applications can make it easier, be it vacation planning or the vacation itself. The following are the applications that you need to use: Traveling Applications: 20 Travel Applications that Must Be on a Traveler’s HP

6. Always Plan Where To Eat

Couples Vacation Tips – Plan a Meal

This is a fairly simple matter but also quite time consuming if not determined in advance. Sometimes we make it easy to choose a place to eat when you’re there. Meanwhile, during the implementation, you will spend 20 minutes alone to decide where to eat.

Better to maximize your vacation by doing research first. In order to eat foods that are definitely delicious and comfortable without spending time determining them.

7. Sick?

Tips on Vacation with Spouse - Sick Woman (kellysikkema)
Tips for Vacation with a Partner – Sick (kellysikkema)

One of you is sick, this will certainly make the holidays uncomfortable for those affected by the disease. When one of you is sick, the other has to take care of him completely.

Conversely, a partner who is sick should receive help from a partner who is not sick. There is no need to feel embarrassed, it is faster to be treated, the faster it will heal. This will make the holidays fun again when you recover, and of course you will feel closer as a couple.

8. Take as many photos as possible

Couple Selfie Photo Style (photo style)
Vacation Tips With Your Spouse – Take As Many Pictures As You Can (Photo Style)

Maybe one of you has a more hobby of capturing moments than the other. And when you go home, you feel, how come there aren’t many photos together, not many are immortalized.

Don’t let these things happen, maybe the simplest thing is to buy a selfie stick or tripod so you can capture more of the moments with you there.

9. Calm down

Vacation Tips With Couples - Couples Holding Hands Seeing Each Other (clearsky)
Vacation Tips With Your Partner – Stay Calm (clearsky)

Maybe this last tip is the least ‘serious’ tip from the previous one but quite important. Don’t be stressed, always enjoy time with him. Indeed there may be friction, but if it is done well, you will feel even closer.

Don’t forget to share this article with your partner, so that you are both ready for the journey. Remember, relationships, and in this case a vacation with a partner, are the work of two people, not one.

Have a good vacation!

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