Traveling to Banda Neira? Here are some of the best spots!

Traveling to Banda Neira means you’ll be able to enjoy the Banda Islands, which are located 200 km from the nearest port city of Ambon. The archipelago consists of 10 small volcanic islands; Rhun and Ay to the west, Manukang to the northwest, Pisang to the east, Hatta to the southeast, Banda Besar to the south, and the main central island Banda Neira along with the volcanic islands Gunung Api to the northeast and Keraka at the entrance to the Banda Neira strait.

Banda Neira is known for its islands rich in spices which were famous in ancient times, the Banda Islands are covered with towering trees, aromatic with a tropical climate. Until the mid-19th century these islands were the center of global trade and the only source of the world’s highly sought-after nutmeg and spices.

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Today, the Banda Islands have climbable volcanic mountains covered by lush green vegetation, along with deep, clear bays of water teeming with marine life just below the surface. For those of you who want to learn colonial history and enjoy a trip to a place that was once the center of world buying and selling, it never hurts to travel to Banda Neira. Here are some tourist locations that you can visit.

What You Can Do During Your Trip to Banda Neira

There are many ways to experience the beauty of Banda Neira but the easiest way to do it is by joining a tour which can usually arrange whatever you want. This tour provides boats to Hatta, Ay and Rhun Islands almost every day. But there is no clear timetable, so you may have to wait for hours.

Some Banda Neira locals might say 2pm, but to be on the safe side, you should leave at 11am to avoid overcrowding. And if the weather is bad or there aren’t enough people, these ships won’t go sailing.

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If you have a large enough budget or are traveling with a large number of members, you can also rent your own boat – even though the price is quite expensive – at the terminal or ask tour guide you to arrange it.

Identical to other marine tourism in Indonesia, Banda Neira also provides island-based tourist destinations that you can visit. The typical and characteristics of these islands will vary slightly, so when visiting Banda Neira, make sure to arrange your schedule as well as possible!

Banda Neira Island

Address: Naira Island, Banda District, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku.
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Banda Neira Island – The EDIT Post

On the island of BANDA Neira there are several forts, museums, colonial buildings, and several shopping areas close to the port. The experience of walking around Banda Neira Island will be a pleasant moment by itself, especially for those of you who like history. In addition, the main island also has a beach to the north – an hour’s walk – which is a shame not that great. You can also rent a motorbike for a few hours to enjoy the beauty view from this island.

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Banda Besar Island

Address: Banda, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku
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Banda Besar Island –

Visiting the big Banda Island will usually be synonymous with a tour related to the history of spices in Indonesia. By hiring a guide, you will be taken on a tour while being explained about nutmeg, cloves, almonds, cinnamon, etc.

You will also be taken to see small urban areas and plantations and learn about the history of the Banda Neira Islands. Visiting this island is an interesting experience that you must do during your visit here. The cost for this tour will usually depend on the number of people, but it is usually in the price range of IDR 150,000 to IDR 250,000.

Banda Api

Address: Nusantara, Banda, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku
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With the tour fee you spend on a tour on Banda Besar Island, you will usually also get a snorkeling package (equipment rented separately) to Banda Api Island. An active volcano that last erupted in 1988, the island’s peak can be climbed in just 3 hours.

Banda Api Island – Maluku Terrace

Locals will usually advise tourists to bring a tour guide, but you can do the hike yourself. The most important thing to know before climbing is the starting location and also the weather conditions. Since the hiking trails are dominated by gravel roads, the area can get very slippery after and during the rain, especially when you come down.

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Hatta Island

Address: Banda sub-district, Central Maluku district, Maluku.
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This island has the best location for snorkeling and spending time on the beach. Hatta Island also has a very relaxing vibe where you can fall asleep and easily spend a few days to a week there.

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Hatta Island – YouTube

An important note for you to pay attention to is the ship schedule to and from Hatta Island. Ships departing from Hatta Island will usually depart at 7 – 9 am while departures from Banda Island to Hatta Island will usually sail from 11 am – 2 pm almost every day.

A trip that takes one hour and costs Rp. This 20,000 sometimes can also be canceled due to weather. So make sure to check and recheck first to the port!

Ay Island

Address: Banda sub-district, Central Maluku district, Maluku.
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Ay Island – YouTube

This island is one of the small islands which is quite famous because of several unique snorkeling spots around it. Visiting Pulau Ay will be easier by chartering a boat all day or taking a daily public boat. The trip to Pulau Ay will take 30 minutes and will cost you a ticket of IDR 10,000.

Rhun Island

Address: Rhun Island, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku.
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Rhun Island – Kumparan

Rhun Island also has the attraction of beautiful snorkeling spots. You can take a boat that departs at 11:00 from Banda Neira and returns around 7am the next day. During this day trip, it is highly recommended to hire a tour guide because with it, you can take us around the city and see unique spots on this island. For a fee of Rp. 250,000, you can get a lunch package and two snorkeling trips.

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For those of you who are more inclined to enjoy time traveling by looking at historical locations, Banda Neira also has several historical tourist locations that you can visit. Among others are:

Belgica Fortress

Address: Banda Neira, Nusantara, Banda, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku.
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The construction of this Dutch fort was started in 1611, under the direction of Pieter Both. He had been appointed governor general of the region to create a monopoly and drive the British out of the Banda Islands. This fortress was maintained as a military headquarters until 1860 and then fell into ruins until it was grandiose restoration a few years ago.

traveled to Banda Neira
Belgica Fortress – Tribunnews

Gunung Api at Banda Neira provides a stunning panoramic setup and Fort Belgica is the perfect place to walk around and imagine its luxury beforehand. To enter the fort area, you only need to pay a donation at the entrance.

Fort Nassau

Address: Nusantara, Banda, Nusantara, Banda, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku.
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Fort Nassau was used as a port in the 16th century to send Portuguese troops from their base on the island of Ternate. After being damaged by direct confrontation during the war, the fort was later restored and used as a warehouse by the British in the early 19th century.

Fort Nassau – Ministry of Education and Culture

Unfortunately, today there is hardly any part of Fort Nassau left. There were only three walls, gates, and cannons lying on the ground. But still, Fort Nassau is still a unique place to visit during a trip to Banda Neira.

Bung Hatta’s house

Address: Nusantara, Banda, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku.
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Of the three famous exile houses of the early 20th century in Banda, the home of the first Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Bung Hatta is the most attractive. Bung Hatta’s house is equipped with several photos, a typewriter, distinctive glasses, and a neatly folded suit.

Bung Hatta’s house – Republika

In the courtyard area, you’ll find vintage clay tanks and an old well filled with bromeliads. You will also find a school building that Bung Hatta founded during his exile.

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House of Culture

Address: Nusantara, Banda, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku.
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Rumah Budaya is a museum that is basically an old Dutch villa. This building is filled with many collections such as cannons, rifles, helmets, coins, and maps. There are also a handful of things that are local to Banda Island such as the machetes and kapsete used in the cakalele – a warrior dance performed by up to 50 young men who went underground after the 1621 massacre. The museum also sells many books on history. Kepualauan Banda, as well as souvenirs made by local residents.

House of Culture – Seconds

Mini Palace

Address: Dwiwarna village, Dwi Warna, Banda, Central Maluku district, Maluku.
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The Mini Palace was built in 1622 and is used as an administrative office for the Netherlands. This building was also the home for the Dutch governor at that time. You can find a 19th century plaque and a statue of Willem III in the shady and comfortable grounds of the Mini Palace. The doors at the back of the building will sometimes open, revealing a tiled floor and a single chandelier inside. You can feel the sensation of going back to the 19th century when visiting the Mini Palace.

Mini Palace – Maluku Terrace

Indonesia has quite a number of tourist destinations that can be visited. Like Banda Neira, it does not only rely on the beauty of the panorama and its beaches, the educational and historical sides are also tucked into it.

Come on, prepare a budget and schedule for traveling to Banda Neira now!

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