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Advantages of Ordering Bus Tickets Online – During this pandemic, digital transactions are recommended to minimize physical contact with other people. It’s no wonder that nowadays almost everything can be done online, including buying transportation tickets, such as buses.

There are many websites that offer the convenience of checking bus ticket prices as well as making reservations. Traveloka, for example. You can use the website or the application to buy bus tickets to tickets for attractions/tourist attractions in various areas easily and quickly.

If you are still unsure whether it is really safe to order bus tickets online, here are 6 advantages of ordering bus tickets online that you can feel.

1. Many choices of operators

Advantages of Book Bus Tickets Online - Various Bus Operators (economy)
Advantages of Book Bus Tickets Online – Various Bus Operators (economy)

If you don’t have a favorite bus operator that is always a mainstay for traveling, you can choose from a list of bus POs that serve your route easily via Traveloka. All the names of the bus POs along with their seat configurations and facilities are listed in the search results so you have many choices which bus you want to take.

2. Easy, save time and effort

Laptop Backup (andrewneel)
Advantages of Ordering Bus Tickets Online – Easy, saving time and energy (andrewneel)

Unlike in the past where you needed to go to the bus terminal or pool to buy tickets, now you can save time and effort by buying them online. You only need a smartphone or laptop that is connected to the internet and then open the Traveloka website or application.

Interestingly, you can also see bus ticket prices here with detailed information; not only the price, but also the bus PO, route, departure time and estimated time of arrival at the destination. You can also see the various facilities offered by each bus PO. This way you don’t have to bother going out of the house to buy tickets.

If you have found the bus ticket you are looking for, all you have to do is place an order by filling in the identity of the prospective passenger and then making the payment before the specified time. If you have already paid, the e-ticket will be sent to your email or can be checked in your in-app account which can be shown to the bus staff on the day of departure. Usually this e-ticket will be replaced with a paper ticket by each bus PO. Easy and practical, right?

3. Tickets are guaranteed authentic

advantages of ordering bus tickets online - Traveloka Bus Tickets (rendra)
Traveloka Bus Ticket (rendra)

Bus tickets purchased at Traveloka are guaranteed authentic and you are guaranteed to depart according to the selected route and departure date. Even though it is in the form of an e-ticket and sent via email or application, the ticket is guaranteed to be valid and can be used to depart.

If you encounter a problem regarding the ticket, for example not being allowed to board by the staff, then you can contact Traveloka customer service, which is available 24/7 who is ready to help you.

4. Competitive prices studded with promos

One Example of a Bus Discount at Traveloka (traveloka)
One Example of a Bus Discount at Traveloka (traveloka)

Although generally the price of bus tickets purchased online is the same as if you bought directly at the terminal, the prices listed on the application are usually much cheaper because there are often special promos and discounts for members given by Traveloka.

This will certainly save your expenses, especially if you buy tickets for many people. You can get information about promos that take place at Traveloka through the Traveloka website, application and social media.

5. Many payment options

advantages of ordering bus tickets online - Various Payment Methods
Advantages of Ordering Bus Tickets Online – Various Payment Methods

Another convenience that you can feel if you buy bus tickets online is the many choices of payment methods that can be adjusted to your conditions.

Various choices of banks to being able to pay via supermarket cashiers certainly make it easy for you to complete payments and get bus tickets to the desired destination. Also pay attention to the payment deadline so that your purchase is not automatically canceled by the system.

6. Money back guarantee

Illustration of Money Back Guarantee (mediakonsumen)
Advantages of Ordering Bus Tickets Online – Illustration of Money Back Guarantee (mediakonsumen)

Still unsure about buying bus tickets online at Traveloka? Don’t worry, there is a 100% money back program if the bus ticket you bought is rejected by the bus operator on the day of departure for technical reasons; similar to option number 2 above.

You can contact Traveloka customer service to report this, and you have the right to get a refund according to Traveloka rules. So you don’t have to worry if you buy bus tickets online at Traveloka.

7. Free of scalpers, no queues

advantages of ordering bus tickets online - Zip Bike (compass)
Advantages of Ordering Bus Tickets Online – Free of Brokers, No Queue (compass)

Yes, buying bus tickets online will prevent you from queues and touts who often approach people who buy tickets directly at the terminal or counter. You will be freed from people who often increase ticket prices at will and do not have to crowd too. Because one of the health protocols that you must obey at this time is to avoid crowds and always keep your distance.

Hopefully, the discussion about the advantages of buying tickets online above will eliminate your worries, which may be the first time buying bus tickets online. In addition, you can book the bus tickets you are looking for through the website or application. For the best price, don’t forget to log in or register first. May be useful!

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