The Great Asia Afrika Bandung

For those of you who still don’t have a tourist destination on the holidays, one of the recommended tourist attractions in Bandung that is really recommended for you to visit with your family is The Great Asia Africa.

The Great Asia Africa is a thematic tour that will take you around the world without the need to go abroad. Yes, you can feel all of that because The Great Asia Africa has a tourist vehicle with the theme of seven countries from two continents that are made to look like the original. Want to know what the full review looks like? Let’s check these out!

Bandung Tourism Review The Great Asia Afrika

Address : Jl. Raya Lembang – Bandung No. 71, Gudangkahuripan, Lembang, West Bandung Regency, West Java
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Opening hours : 09.00 – 18.00 WIB
Price of admission : Monday to Friday Rp. 50,000.00, Saturday and Sunday Rp. 65,000.00 per person (not including the cost of riding the lift or costume rental).

Trying to unite the concept of natural tourism with thematic tourism, The Great Asia Africa, which just opened on November 22, 2019, presents 7 thematic rides that allow visitors to travel around the world in just one tourist spot.

The Great Asia Africa
The Great Asia Afrika (indrasutantoo)

The Great Asia Africa area is located next to the Susu Lembang Farm House, so that after your tour on this thematic tour, you can immediately stop by at Dairy Lembang Farm House. If you’ve never been there and want to know the review, read: Dairy Farm House Lembang, Best Tourism in Bandung

All the thematic rides that are presented are made very similar to the original so you can capture exciting moments in the style of a vacation abroad when visiting this tourist spot. Regarding what thematic tourist rides that you can explore when visiting The Great Asia Africa, including:

1. Korean rides

The Great Asia Africa - Korea
The Great Asia Afrika – Korea (anisanurawaliah)

On this first ride, visitors will see how beautiful a typical Korean village is, whose atmosphere is very similar to Bukhan Hanok Village.

In one area, you will also see the sturdy traditional Korean house complete with tatami in the living room. If you go deeper, you will find a storefront containing replicas of Korean specialties such as kimchi, sushi, tteobokki and others.

If you are a Korean drama lover, you will definitely understand the names of all the foods that are displayed in this traditional house window. Interestingly, in this vehicle you can take pictures in all available spots.

So that your photos reflect a unique Korean atmosphere, you can rent a hanbok as your photo tool. That way you can take Korean-style photos without having to go to Korea.

2. Indian rides

The Great Asia Africa - India
The Great Asia Africa – India (ikafitrianasari)

If you like photo backgrounds that feature various striking colors, then you must take the time to take pictures at this Indian spot. Here, you will see a typical Indian background dominated by various striking colors such as a combination of golden yellow, pink, orange and red.

There are many spots that you can use to take pictures. You can take pictures with buildings from Jaipur which is known as ‘the pink city’. Or you can take pictures with a relief wall, a giant hand statue and a statue of an elephant perched on the site.

To support your photography activities, you can also borrow Indian clothing called Kurti Salwar. Instagenic photos with typical Indian clothes are guaranteed not to be embarrassed if they are posted on your social media.

If you feel satisfied taking pictures and walking around in this area, you can also rest for a moment by enjoying roti canai that you can buy around the rides.

3. Wahana Indonesia

Wahana Indonesia
Wahana Indonesia The Great Asia Afrika Bandung (thegreatasiaafrica)

Since The Great Asia Africa is in Bandung, it is incomplete if Indonesian rides are not provided. In this area, you can take pictures at a spot in the form of a restaurant with Balinese architecture that provides a variety of cuisines. One of the most popular dishes at this restaurant is Betutu Chicken which is indeed a Balinese culinary tour.

There is also a gazebo designed to resemble a typical Sundanese hut around this area. There are many food courts where you can order a variety of Indonesian culinary delights. With a typical green landscape atmosphere and typical Indonesian music playing.

4. Japanese rides

The Great Asia Afrika Bandung
The Great Asia Africa – Japan (beautynesia)

Typical Japanese music will welcome you to this attraction. The photo spots in this area are even more interesting. You can take pictures with Japanese-style shops, shrines with red tori which are synonymous with Japanese atmosphere and many other typical Japanese decorations.

Don’t forget to rent a traditional kimono, yukata or hakama outfit to make your Japanese-style photos even more memorable. There are so many Japanese clothes that you can rent here and are available for all ages, so you don’t have to worry about running out when the visitors are busy.

5. Thailand rides

The Great Asia Africa - Thailand
The Great Asia Africa – Thailand (rhesmasyafira)

This area is dominated by Thai-style buildings that are synonymous with the use of golden pillars combined with white. On this ride, you can also enjoy a variety of Thai specialties that are presented as real.

If you are curious about what Thai food is, try exploring various kinds of Thai culinary tours when visiting this vehicle. If a Thai culinary tour doesn’t suit your tongue, you can enjoy a variety of Indonesian culinary delights that you can find in the Bandung area. Read: 25 Culinary Attractions in Bandung You Must Try

However, some of these culinary attractions are not open for 24 hours. But take it easy because in Bandung, there are several other culinary places that are open 24 hours a day. The information read: 6 Culinary Attractions in Bandung that Open 24 Hours

6. Middle East rides

the middle East
TWahana Middle East The Great Asia Afrika Bandung (jalanjajanhemat)

If you want to look cool taking pictures with typical Middle Eastern architecture, you can spend time taking pictures here. You will find the background of Middle Eastern buildings very similar to the original. Parks made with several seats are also suitable for your relaxing area after being tired of taking pictures around this one vehicle.

7. African rides

Wahana Afrika The Great Asia Afrika Bandung (tripasik)

This African ride is the most recent ride in The Great Asia Africa compared to other areas. To get to the African rides, visitors must pass a small river with a bridge of various colors which can also be used as a photo spot.

Arriving at the Africa ride, you will feel like you really are in Africa because this vehicle presents a vast, stunning African savanna-style grass land. Cliff backgrounds, buildings with grass roofs and various unique graphic ornament decorations can also be your photo background on this one ride.

Don’t forget to taste the African satay served with banana slices, which is a culinary lover’s favorite when you go to the Africa ride at The Great Asia Africa. But to taste the taste of this satay, you have to be willing to queue with other visitors, OK?

However, if you have more budget and want to go around the world, you can do that too. For vacation abroad, make sure you already have a passport. If you haven’t had time to take care of it because of your busy schedule, you can make a passport online. For information, read: Didn’t Have Time to Manage Passports? Online Passport Services Just!

8. Animal Park

Animal Park
The Great Asia Afrika – Animal Park (travelspromo)

Okay, back to the original topic that in addition to the 7 thematic rides, you can also visit a zoo themed vehicle called ‘Animal Park’. Here, you can take a short break accompanied by the sound of birds chirping and the activities of various kinds of animals. There are rabbits, goats, iguanas, various types of birds and many others. You can also feed the animals and take pictures with them.

How? Interested in having a vacation at The Great Asia Afrika Bandung?

Access to this thematic tourist area is quite difficult if you use public transportation. The only public transportation that departs from Bandung to Lembang is the St. Hall – Lembang with cream color and now this transport is rarely passing by.

These transportation can be found at Hall Station or Bandung Train Station, Ledeng Terminal or Pasir Kaliki Area. If you are lazy to wait too long, it is recommended that you rent an online motorcycle taxi or taxi or take a private vehicle if you are traveling to The Great Asia Afrika Bandung.

For those of you who come from outside Bandung or even outside the island and are interested in having a vacation on this one Bandung tour, you can go to Bandung by getting tickets that are cheaply priced. Regarding the tips you can read: 12 Secret Tips for Hunting Cheap Airplane Tickets

So, what are you waiting for? For those of you who still don’t have a vacation schedule, you can immediately plan a vacation to The Great Asia Afrika Bandung and get lots of fun traveling there. Happy holiday, buddy traveler!

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