Taiwan Visa – How to Manage and Costs. It turns out easy!

Taiwan is one of the countries in the Asian region that has a variety of interesting tourist attractions. Historical tours, nature tours, education, culinary tours and various types of tours can be done in Taiwan. It’s just that many people discourage from doing tours in Taiwan, one of the reasons is because the Taiwan visa arrangement tends to be difficult.

Is that right?

Actually, arranging a Taiwan visa is not as difficult as you might think. If you already know the requirements for applying for a visa and understand the application procedure, then of course managing a Taiwan visa will not be as difficult as you think. For information, here are the full reviews that you need to see!

Taiwan Visa Types and Requirements

There are 8 types of visas in Taiwan that can be made according to your needs. The eight types of Taiwan visas include:

  • Tourist visa, relative visa or social visit visa with code P
  • Business visa with code B
  • Entertainment visa or short term work with code A
  • Apprenticeship training visa or employee training with FT code
  • International seminar or exhibition visa with IM code
  • Religious visa or religious service with code R
  • Language study and religious school visa with FR code
  • Medical treatment visa with code M
Taiwan Visa (path2usa)
Taiwan Visa (path2usa)

If you already know what type of visa you need, now you also understand the requirements that you must provide to apply for a visa. Some of the conditions that must be collected in a visa application consist of:

Proof of accommodation or proof of stay

Files relating to proof of accommodation or proof of stay of people who will go to Taiwan while in Taiwan later.

For example, proof of stay or proof of accommodation that needs to be attached is a letter of invitation or an official letter from the invitees or relatives in Taiwan who will be visited if the need to go to Taiwan is for a visit. Meanwhile, for departures related to travel or business needs, you can show proof of lodging or hotel reservations while in Taiwan.

Proof of personal finances or relatives in Taiwan

Financial evidence consisting of a photocopy of the checking account for the last 3 months of the applicant or the visa applicant’s relative in Taiwan needs to be attached to the visa application requirements.

The attached financial evidence is useful to prove that the applicant is able to support his / her own life while in Taiwan. If the applicant stays in Taiwan staying at a relative’s house, a photocopy of the relative’s bank statement there is attached with the aim of knowing their ability to serve guests so that unwanted things do not occur.

In the bank statement of the applicant or relative of the applicant attached to the visa application requirements, it must show a balance with a minimum nominal value of 30 million rupiah in a checking account.

Print out airplane tickets

Make sure you have booked flight tickets well in advance because besides being able to get you cheap airplane ticket prices, you also need a print out of the plane tickets that you get as a registration requirement or visa application.

Photocopy of passport, KTP and / or SIM

Attach the main sheet of the passport that you have photocopied in the registration file. Also attach a photocopy of KTP or SIM to complete the applicant’s personal data.

4 x 6 photograph

To complete the applicant’s personal data information, you need to print a 4 x 6 photo to complete the visa registration file. Attach your photo as much as 2 sheets in the registration file.

The requirements for applying for a Taiwan visa above are broadly the same as the requirements for applying for a visa to Japan. If you intend to go to another Asian country, namely Japan, you can read how to register for a visa: Japanese Visa, How to Make and Conditions!

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How to Apply for a Taiwan Visa

After you have provided all the requirements above, now you can apply for a visa by coming directly to the office or submitting online through this site (click the link).

Taiwan visa - How to apply for a Taiwan Visa (klemchuk)
How to apply for a Taiwan Visa (klemchuk)

After that, just fill out a Taiwan visa through the site. On this site, you have to fill out a form of approximately 4 sheets. There are some information that you must provide in filling out the visa registration form, including:

The type of visa you choose

Since there are many types of Taiwan visa to choose from, you need to explain what type of visa you need. Meanwhile, regarding the location or area of ​​the visa, for those of you who live in the territory of Indonesia, you need to choose the Taipei Economic or Trade Office in Indonesia as the location for submission.

Taiwan visa types themselves consist of several types, namely single entry visas and multiple entry visas. So, you can choose which type of visa you need for departure. Both are of course priced at different filing prices.

Include personal data information

On the Taiwan visa application form, you must fill in all the questions given. The questions that are given are questions related to your personal information such as your full name, nickname, KTP number or identity number, place and date of birth, names of parents, occupation, residential address, contact numbers, e-mails and so on. You must fill in the correct information according to your personal data.

Applicant’s passport information

As with other visas, when filling out the visa application form you also need to provide information according to the actual information listed in your passport. So make sure you fill in all the information correctly.

Inform your travel plans

After filling in your personal data or personal data, then you must also inform the form about your travel plans while in Taiwan. In this section you need to provide information on your travel destinations, the places you will visit, where to stay in Taiwan and when you will return to Indonesia.

Taiwan Visa Processing Fee

Taiwan visa - Taiwan visa fee (shutterstock)
Taiwan visa fee (shutterstock)

Regarding the cost of obtaining a Taiwan visa, the single entry and multiple entry visa types are of course priced at different processing fees. To make a single entry visa, the fee is only Rp. 650,000.00. Meanwhile, for making and processing a multiple entry visa, the fee is IDR 1,300,000.00.

Single entry and multiple entry visas are indeed different types of visas, therefore the processing fee is different. A single entry visa is a visa that is given only once with a short visit duration.

Meanwhile, a multiple entry visa is a type of visa applied for with 3 validity options, namely:

  • The validity period is 1 year
  • The validity period is 3 years
  • The validity period is 5 years

So this multiple entry visa is a type of long-term visa that allows the applicant to go back and forth from Indonesia to Taiwan and vice versa, for many times according to the specified time period. Meanwhile, the length of stay in Taiwan with a multiple entry visa is approximately 90 – 180 days for each visit.

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So what are you waiting for? For those of you who are going to visit Taiwan, make sure you have ordered tickets in advance and arranged for a visa according to the submission procedure above. Have a nice trip.

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