Omnia Bali, Exclusive Club in Bali That Makes You Feeling Nurturing

If you want to enjoy a luxurious vacation in Bali while taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful beach panorama, you can come to the Omnia Bali Day Club. Omnia Bali is a day club that was founded in early February 2018 and sponsored by Goup Hakkasan based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In Bali itself, this day club is the first day club that was founded with the architectural concept designed by WOHA Singapore and New York’s Rockwell. This day club is built on the limestone cliffs of Uluwatu and is the best place to enjoy Bali’s nature with blue beaches full of charm.

Those of you who want to enjoy the atmosphere of Bali exclusively are obliged to come to this day club. Interested in visiting the Omnia Bali Day Club and enjoying the exclusive atmosphere provided? Check out the following review first, friend!

Omnia Bali Day Club Review

Omnia Bali

Address: Jl. Starfruit Sari, Pecatu, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali
Map: Click here
Opening hours: Open 11.00 to 19.00 WITA
Entrance ticket price: IDR 200,000.00 – IDR 300,000.00

As one of the best places for a luxurious vacation, a vacation at the Omnia Day Club is indeed very impressive. You will find a variety of excitement.

Omnia Day Club operates every day from 11.00 – 19.00 WIB. There you will find a restaurant that is open until 23.00 WIB, namely Sake no Hana restaurant. However, the menu prices at the restaurant are quite expensive. So if you want to eat or drink at the Sake no Hana restaurant, you must first check the price.

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For example, the Mojito and Cocktails menu is priced at IDR 170,000 per glass. There is also food that is priced at 300 thousand rupiah for two people. Oh yes, if you intend to come to Omnia Bali, you have to prepare a fee for the entrance ticket.

Normal ticket prices on weekdays are priced at 200 thousand rupiah, while normal ticket prices for weekends are priced at 300 thousand rupiah. If you want to come on a special occasion, when there are events and guest stars, the ticket prices you have to pay jump up in the range of 675 thousand rupiah to 1.2 million rupiah.

Omnia Bali

So what are the actual methods that can be done in ordering entrance tickets to Omnia Bali?

Regarding the procedure for ordering tickets, you can not only order tickets directly when you come to Omnia Bali. You can also order tickets online. You can order tickets online on the website directly. If you order tickets online and are lucky, then you can join the party which is held with the appearance of several invited DJ hits.

Oh yes, to go to the Omnia Day Club, you can drive by using a private car. If indeed you are a newcomer who doesn’t bring a private car, you can rent a car to visit Omnia Bali.

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You need to know that taxis or any public transportation cannot reach this location because access to Omnia Bali is very limited. Therefore, bringing a private car for those of you who live in Bali or renting a car is highly recommended so that you can enter here comfortably and without obstacles.

The attraction of the Omnia Day Club Bali

Omnia Bali

For those of you who have never come to visit Omnia Bali before, you should know that Omnia Bali is a day club that has various kinds of attractions in it. Surely you will be made comfortable and feel very shocked by all the charms that are given.

You will get a very extraordinary, luxurious, beautiful and cool view. It’s a loss if you want to get a luxurious atmosphere in Bali if you don’t stop by Omnia Bali.

Speaking of attractiveness, the attractions of Omnia Bali include the main bar, pool bar and cube bar. Omnia Bali comes with an open concept that presents the charm of a very beautiful sea view. With the charm of the beauty that is offered, Omnia Bali is always busy with tourist visits either when the weekend arrives or on national holidays.

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When you come to Omnia, the sun beds provided are available in the swimming pool area and are prepared for every visitor who really wants to lie down while pampering their eyes to enjoy the beauty of a very distinctive Balinese sunset.

When the sun sets, tourists will be presented with a glimpse of a glittering silver cube. The glittering silver cube is often used as the background for people’s photos and is known as the Cube Bar.

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At Omnia Bali there is also a casual lounge that is here to be used as a place to chat or chat with family or colleagues who come to Omnia Bali together. Besides the lounge, there is a restaurant called Sake no Hana which is a modern Japanese restaurant.

The restaurant carries the concept of an elegant restaurant that comes equipped with the charm of the Indian Ocean view that can be seen directly even through the restaurant’s edge area.

There is also an exclusive bungalow equipped with a private pool and VIP Cabanas to offer luxurious and elegant facilities that are perfect for taking instagramable photos with the contemporary concept presented.

Omnia Bali

This place can also be a place for photo hunting by photographers because besides the many cool photo spots, there is also a day club that looks like it is floating on the edge of Uluwatu Beach.

Hotels Near Omnia Bali Day Club

If you are from out of town and looking for the best place to spend the night in Bali, there are several hotels near the Omnia Bali Day Club that you can make as your overnight stay. Some hotel choices near the Omnia Day Club that can be your overnight stay include:

Hideway Villas Bali

Alila Villas Uluwatu

Ungasan Cliff Resort

Karma Okamura

Banyan Tree Ungasan

Omnia Bali

You will have a pleasant overnight experience that is second to none at one of these hotels. Hotel facilities and accommodation, hotel staff services and classy architecture will make you feel more at home staying at the hotel.

Prices for overnight at one of the hotels near the Omnia are of course very diverse. For those of you who vacation at a hotel near Omnia and bring your family, you can rent a villa with several rooms which are priced starting at 5 million rupiah per villa.

But if you are on vacation alone, you can rent a hotel near Omnia Bali which is priced at 350 thousand rupiah per room a night. Just choose which hotel suits your needs.

For those of you who want to hang out luxuriously at Omnia Bali, just come there and get the exclusive atmosphere. Make your vacation fun and exclusive in Bali by hanging out in luxury at Omnia. And maybe you want to shop for souvenirs in Bali too, you can also check the list 10 Most Famous Balinese Souvenirs

Happy weekend and stay healthy!

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