North Jakarta tourist attractions apart from malls

North Jakarta is a part of Jakarta which is directly adjacent to the sea. With this condition, it automatically means that there are many tourist attractions in North Jakarta besides malls. What are the tourist attractions in North Jakarta besides the mall? Check out the following reviews.

11. Jakarta Islamic Center (JIC)

North Jakarta Tourist Attractions Apart from the Mall - jakarta islamic center
jakarta islamic center
Jakarta Islamic Center or often abbreviated as JIC is a place for Islamic development and learning located on Jalan Kramat Raya, North Jakarta. This center for Islamic religious education is a matter of pride for the citizens of Jakarta and has become one of the tourist attractions in North Jakarta which is attractive for spiritual tourism lovers to visit. Interestingly, before JIC was founded, this location was one of the famous nightlife centers and was later converted into the largest Islamic religious center in Jakarta. JIC’s facilities are a place of worship, a library and a meeting hall.

10. Ancol Dreamland

North Jakarta Tourist Attractions Apart from the Mall - sea world Ancol
sea ​​world ancol
Taman Impian Jaya Ancol which has an area of ​​552 hectares is a tourist spot in Main Jakarta besides the most famous mall. Taman Impian Jaya Ancol is an integrated tourist area that is very complete and always crowded with visitors who want to have recreation. Tourist attractions in Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, namely beaches, parks, Sea World, Atlantis Water Adventure, Fantasy World (Dufan), Gelanggang Samudra, art market, marina, cable car, bowling, Ancol Golf Course, souvenir stalls, and culinary tours. . In my opinion, the most interesting thing is Dufan because there are many exciting games there. In this area, there are also several hotels if you want to stay, namely Hotel Mercure Ancol, Putri Duyung Cottage, and Hotel Raddin Ancol. Also read: 8 Recommended Hotels Near Ancol and Mangga Dua Jakarta

9. Kampung Marunda

North Jakarta Tourist Attractions Apart from the Mall - the village of Marunda
marunda village
With its calm and peaceful atmosphere, Kampung Marunda is a tourist spot in North Jakarta which is suitable to be your escape from the busy city of Jakarta and its pollution. Kampung Marunda is a fishing settlement with a coastal breeze that presents a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Here there is a large pond, which is a land for generations to work for residents of Kampung Marunda. Visitors can rent fishing rods and fish in this pond. In addition, visitors can also enjoy delicious dishes from this pond in several stalls located around the pond.

8. Sunda Kelapa Harbor Area

North Jakarta Tourist Attractions Apart from the Mall - the port of Sunda Kelapa
Sunda Kelapa port area
Sunda Kelapa Harbor area is a tourist spot in North Jakarta that offers the beauty of the past. Sunda Kelapa Harbor is very important for Jakarta because it is the origin of the city of Jakarta. Like a normal port, here you will see lots of large ships leaning on the edge of the pier, most of them are phinisi ships. Around the Sunda Kelapa Harbor, there are many historical heritage buildings with characteristics of the past. At sunset, Sunda Kelapa Harbor is perfect for taking pictures.

7. Angke Kapuk Mangrove Nature Park

Angke Kapuk Mangrove Nature Park.  Tourist attractions in Jakarta
Angke Kapuk Mangrove Nature Park
The Angke Kapuk Mangrove Nature Park is also located around Pantai Indah Kapuk. This area is a mangrove forest surrounded by water. Visitors can take a boat with a guide to see the view of the mangrove forest, and find lizards that roam the area a lot. Visitors can also enjoy the coolness of the mangrove forest while walking down the bridge. This tourist spot in Jakarta has quite complete facilities, such as restaurants, traditional-style inns and places to relax. Visitors can also help preserve the environment by planting mangrove trees, simply by paying a small fee for one seed. Planting trees is also a frequent activity for group tours, for example among school students, university students, or employees. This tourist spot in Jakarta is open every day from 07:00 to 18:00. This tourist park can be reached by a city bus majoring Grogol or Trans Jakarta (corridor 9A). From Grogol, visitors must take public transportation again to Angke Kapuk.

6. Maritime Museum

North Jakarta tourist attractions apart from malls - maritime museums
nautical museum
Located in front of Sunda Kelapa Harbor, the Maritime Museum is a museum that has a collection of objects that are closely related to fishermen and the marine world. Before becoming a museum as it is today, long ago this building was used by the VOC as a storage warehouse for spices which was then sold to Europe. The Maritime Museum collection that you can see includes various kinds of miniature ships from ancient times and modern times, shipping equipment, anchors, cannons, binoculars, and others. In addition, the Maritime Museum also has a collection of fishermen’s songs, data on fish species, and fisherman stories.

5. Tugu Village

Tugu village
Tugu village
Kampung Tugu is one of the historical tourist attractions located on the edge of Batavia, North Jakarta. When we enter the Kampung Tugu area, what you will see for the first time are the tombs of the Tugu Community people. In addition, there are also houses where the pastor of the Tugu Church lives, ancient bells given by the Dutch, and the Tugu Church which actively provides places of worship for its people.

4. Bahtera Jaya Ancol

Ancol jaya ark
Ancol jaya ark
Bahtera Jaya Ancol is a different place from Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. Bahtera Jaya Ancol is actually a place for developing and coaching water sports. Apart from being able to see water sports activities, visitors can also enjoy a beach that is open to the public at low cost. In addition, Bahtera Jaya Ancol is also the host of the Coastal Festival.

3. Muara Angke Fishery Center

Muara Angke fishery center
Muara Angke fishery center
Muara Angke Fishery Center is a paradise for seafood culinary lovers. An interesting sight that can be seen here is the view of the unloading of fishermen who had just pulled over. Here you can buy various types of fresh fish at very cheap prices, especially if you can haggle patiently. Besides that, you can also enjoy grilled fish here.

2. Kampung Luar Batang

the mosque outside the trunk
the mosque outside the trunk
Kampung Luar Batang is a tourist alternative for residents of North Jakarta. Located behind the Bahari Museum, Kampung Luar Batang is a historical heritage that is believed to be the oldest settlement in Jakarta which has been around since 1630. The most famous of this village is its mosque, namely the Luar Batang Mosque. Inside the Luar Batang Mosque, there is a tomb which is the tomb of Habib Husein. Many people come on pilgrimages to this place, including those from abroad. This place is suitable for those of you who like historical, adventure, and religious tours.

1. Muara Angke Wildlife Park

North Jakarta Tourist Attractions Apart from the Mall - Muara Angke wildlife park
Muara Angke Wildlife Reserve Park
Muara Angke Wildlife Park is a mangrove forest area located in North Jakarta, precisely in front of the Pantai Indah Kapuk housing complex. Muara Angke Wildlife Park is the only forest in Jakarta and is protected by the government. Apart from trees, you can also see various types of animals that live in this area, for example lizards, monkeys, and various types of birds. The interesting thing here is that there is a wooden bridge about 843 meters long that can help you explore and enjoy beautiful natural forest tourism. Besides the bridge, you can also use a boat to get around. If you want to spend the night, there is an interesting inn in the middle of the forest here. Enjoying natural charm doesn’t have to be out of town!
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