Menjangan Island, Perfect Diving Paradise 2021 in West Bali

Bali does have a million charms for anyone who visits it. Starting from nature tourism, cultural tourism, to religious tourism, all are available here. But sometimes for some people who like to travel, Bali Island feels boring because only certain spots are visited. Eits, who would have thought that Bali still has a hidden paradise that offers a stunning panorama for you. This paradise is Menjangan Island. An island that is still very natural with super amazing diving spots.


Menjangan which is the hallmark of Menjangan Island
Menjangan which is the hallmark of Menjangan Island

Menjangan Island is located in the north of the West Bali National Park. Precisely in Klampok Village, Grokgak District, Buleleng Regency, Bali, or about 60 km from Lovina. You will travel approximately 3 hours from the tourist center of Kuta and 4 hours drive from Denpasar.

Access and facilities

Fresh, clear bluish water on Menjangan Island

For those of you who want to enjoy the beauty of this island, you must first fly to the island of Bali. You can take advantage of existing airline promo tickets.

From Denpasar, you can take the route Denpasar – Tabanan – Selemadeng – Pupuan – Seririt – Menjangan. In about 4 hours of travel, you will be treated to views of green Balinese rice fields and blue sea.

It is recommended that you rent a car and the driver so that you have more fun time. But for those of you who want to use public transportation, you can start the journey from Gilimanuk.

To reach this island, you have to cross by motor boat (boat) for 30-45 minutes from Lalang Harbor. During the trip you will be treated to views of volcanoes in East Java to Prapat Agung combined with clear blue sea. At Lalang Harbor, the facilities provided are complete, such as restaurants, inns, bars, and many more.

At Lalangan Harbor, there are various complete diving packages that you can choose according to your budget. The price of this package consists of boat rental + guide + insurance + snorkeling equipment rental. The existence of this tour package is very beneficial for you because later you don’t need to mess around with bargaining.

The details of the pegged prices are usually for a boat rental of between 400,000 – 600,000 Rupiah per day. For snorkeling equipment per person is 40,000 – 50,000 Rupiah. The admission price is 2,500 Rupiah per person, while for insurance, each person is charged 4,000 Rupiah. If you want to use a guide service, you have to pay 100,000 Rupiah per group. Boat rental can be cheaper if you rent a combination with other tourists.

If you want to stay in the closest location to this island, there are several inns and resorts that you can make your choice, such as The Menjangan Resort, Mimpi Resort Menjangan, Taman Sari Bali Resort and Spa, and Pondok Sari Beach & Bungalow Resort. Of the four inns and resorts, the one with the most complete facilities is The Menjangan Resort.

Overview of Menjangan Island

Enjoy the sunny day on Menjangan Island
Enjoy the sunny day on Menjangan Island

This island is the perfect definition of a beautiful underwater panorama with unspoiled white sand and abundant marine biodiversity.

Why is it called Menjangan Island? The word “Menjangan” comes from the Javanese language which means deer or deer. Every spring herds of wild deer swim to this island with a distance of 1.2 miles. On this island there are many wild deer whose numbers are decreasing over time. So that the government made it the West Bali National Park. This is a government effort to build conservation in order to conserve deer and biodiversity on this island.

What can be done?

Swimming on Menjangan Island can be a fun activity
Swimming on Menjangan Island can be a fun activity

What else can you do at this tourist spot besides diving and snorkeling? Menjangan Island is famous for its wall-diving. Wall-diving is a type of diving activity at depth by following the underwater cliff lines. The underwater cliffs on Menjangan Island have a depth of 20 to 60 meters, or even more.

Even though it is famous for its wall diving, Menjangan Island has many coral reefs with depths starting from 10 meters. You will find many kinds of gorgonial fanfish here. The water conditions here are quite calm so that your visibility can reach 50 meters in certain weather conditions.

Menjangan Island is surrounded by coral reefs with various formations and shapes. This 60 meter deep rock formation forms small caves and large caves which function as coral reef habitats such as soft corals, large groupers and moray eels. In these small caves you will find small snapper and batfish swimming back and forth.

The seabed of the island is also rich in species of barrel sponges and sea fans with very large sizes. At this depth location is also a place to live for tuna species, schools of jackfish, batfish, angelfish, sea turtles, and sharks. Amazing isn’t it? Some of the famous diving spots that are often used as diving locations on this island are:

Eel gardens

Eeel gardens are a diving spot located on the western part of Menjangan Island. This spot is often referred to as the best diving spot on Menjangan Island. In this spot, there are many collections of garden eel and sea fans, according to the name of the spot. Diving will begin at a depth of about 40 meters of coral wall which is rich in gorgonians and other marine biota.

Secret Bay

The beauty of the underwater world of Menjangan Island

Secret Bay is the right location for you macro diving lovers because in this location the waters are quite shallow with various coral reefs and have muddy sand on the seabed. In this volcanic sand live various rare and endemic marine life. This location is a location that is still very natural and unspoiled.

Only 10 meters deep, you can find nudibranchs, frogfish, shrimpfish, seahorses, dragonets, pipefish, lionfish, sea prawns, ribbon eels and many other species. However, if you want to enjoy the beauty of these species, you have to dive at the right time.

The recommended time is when the high waves and the circular moon are in the right position too. It is highly recommended for you to wear a good wetsuit because the water temperature here can be colder than other Balinese waters.

Anchor Wreck

Anchor Wreck is a diving location that is recommended for experienced and professional divers. With a depth of about 45 meters, this location offers a unique wreck that has been rusted complete with anchors. According to the wider community, this ship was a Dutch ship that sank in the 19th century during World War II.

This ship is called the Anker Ship or the Slave Ship, because it is suspected that this ship was carrying slaves from Bali to Jakarta. If you dive into this ship, you will find a chest filled with ceramic furniture that has been overgrown with soft corals and also turtles and even sharks that are swimming.

Tips for visiting Menjangan Island

The best time to visit the island is between April and November. Because this island is an uninhabited island, you should bring your own food and drink supplies. Don’t forget to also bring medicine, sunblock and a change of clothes.

Before deciding to dive or snorkel, don’t forget to prepare equipment that supports these activities first. You can rent diving and snorkeling equipment at the nearest resort before crossing the island.

It is recommended for you to stay overnight here, because the time you need to drive back and forth to Denpasar is around 7 hours. It is important for you besides bringing your own clothes, bring a special plastic bag for dirty clothes and also for your food and beverage waste. Don’t let the beauty of this island be polluted by our own trash.

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