Malioboro Jogja – Complete Review, Activities, Routes, Culinary and Souvenirs

For ordinary people, Malioboro Jogja may seem just an ordinary road that stretches from Tugu Jogja to the intersection of the Jogja post office. However, Malioboro is actually an area more than that.

Many special things you will find from the first time you set foot there. Traders who offer souvenirs typical of Jogja, various handicrafts typical of Jogja, city planning with special dim lights and many others.

If you go on a tour in Jogja, it’s absolutely mandatory to visit this area which is the main attraction of the city of Jogja. Let’s read the full review below!

Malioboro Jogja Tourism Review

Malioboro Street
Malioboro Street

Address : Sosromenduran, Gedong Tengen, Yogyakarta City, Special Region of Yogyakarta
Folder : Click here
Opening hours : 24 hours non-stop
Price of admission : Free

Malioboro Jogja is a street in downtown Jogja that stretches for approximately 2 km. The Malioboro area as a whole is an area that connects Jalan Margo Utomo, Jalan Malioboro, and Jalan Margo Mulyo. These roads are the axis of an imaginary line in the Yogyakarta Palace.

Until now, Malioboro has become a tourist center area in Jogja which is always busy with tourist visits. There are several tourist activities that can be done in Malioboro.

Activities in Malioboro Jogja

1. Photo hunting and sightseeing

Malioboro Jogja (regional.kompas)
Malioboro Jogja (regional.kompas)

For those of you who have the opportunity to come to Malioboro, don’t forget to take a walk around the Malioboro area. You can also capture every moment while traveling in the Malioboro area. Every road segment that displays its uniqueness must be photographed.

If you are tired, you can sit on the chairs that have been provided. Every now and then you will be entertained by street musicians who sing and play musical instruments. The atmosphere of Malioboro is more beautiful when the night comes.

Street lights that light up mingle with the spotlights of passing vehicles further multiply the allure of this Malioboro Jogja.

2. Cycling or riding a wagon


Around the Malioboro area you will find many bicycle rental places. You can rent a bicycle to get around Malioboro or you can use it to go to various tourist attractions around Malioboro.

If you are lazy and tired from riding a bicycle, you can also ride a wagon which can also take you for a walk or to various tourist spots near Malioboro.

3. Looking for souvenirs

Malioboro Jogja - by - by Jogja (review.bukalapak)
by – by Jogja (review.bukalapak)

The Malioboro area is a suitable area for hunting souvenirs. There are many shops selling souvenirs ranging from the legendary Jogja pathok bakpia, Jogja batik, pottery and so on here.

In addition, there is also a place to hunt for other souvenirs not far from the Malioboro shopping area, namely Beringharjo Market. What’s interesting about Beringharjo Market is that you can bargain the price when buying souvenirs, whether in the form of clothes, crafts or food. You can also get a discount if you buy in bulk.

For those of you who are interested in shopping for souvenirs at shops in the Malioboro area or at Beringharjo Market but don’t have an idea for what to buy, read: 10 Most Famous Typical Jogja Souvenirs

4. Hunting for culinary tourism

Malioboro Jogja - Gudeg Yu Djum (visitingjogja)
Gudeg Yu Djum (visitingjogja)

Culinary tourism in Jogja, especially those around Malioboro Jogja, has been known as a culinary place at low prices. Some recommendations for culinary attractions around Malioboro are cheap and certainly delicious, including:

  • Gudeg Yu Djum, Jogja’s original culinary that you must try
  • Madiun Berkat Pecel, the most delicious pecel in front of the Malioboro mall
  • Cilok Gajahan, cilok with meat filling that can be purchased for only Rp. 5,000.00
  • Sego Empal Bu Warno, filling rice right in front of Beringharjo Market
  • Gado – Gado Bu Hadi, Jogja’s typical vegetable salad on the second floor of Beringharjo Market
  • Mbah Hari’s Dawet Ice, suitable to be a thirst quencher after a tired walk
  • Lumpia Samijaya, a snack with various fillings that are suitable for delaying hunger while traveling
  • Joss Lek Man Coffee Angkringan. For those of you who are looking for night food, you really have to come to this angkringan
  • And there are many other culinary delights around the Malioboro area that you can visit.

5. Visiting tours near Malioboro

Kilometer Zero Point (allodiatour)
Kilometer Zero Point (allodiatour)

When it comes to tourism in the Malioboro area, there are many choices of tourist attractions that you can visit. Malioboro’s very strategic location makes access from this area to the nearest tourist location very easy.

Some tourist attractions that you can visit around Malioboro, including:

A. Fort Vredeburg

Vredeburg Fort (harianjogja)
Vredeburg Fort (harianjogja)

After being satisfied looking for souvenirs at Beringharjo Market, not far from the market there is a tourist spot called Fort Vredeburg. This fort is a historical building relic of the Dutch Colonial era which is now functioned as a museum to store various ancient objects such as statues, weapons and various other works of art.

B. Smart Park

Smart Park (smart garden)
Smart Park (smart garden)

East of Fort Vredeburg, you will find Taman Pintar which is a tourist vehicle that is suitable as a place to play and learn about technology.

C. Taman Sari

Malioboro Jogja - Taman Sari Jogja (reddoorz)
Taman Sari Jogja (reddoorz)

Taman Sari is a historical tour that can be reached by walking about 15 minutes from Malioboro. You will see the atmosphere of the Yogyakarta Palace garden which was built during the reign of Sultan Hamengkubuwono I here.

There are many photography spots that you can use as a photo hunting place, the information is read: Taman Sari Jogja, This is the Photography Spot

Read also: Jogja Tourism – Taman Sari Water Palace

D. Kilometer Zero Point

Kilometer Zero Point (kotajogja)
Kilometer Zero Point (kotajogja)

Kilometer Zero Point is the center of the hustle and bustle of Jogja, which is often a photographic landmark of young people who are on vacation in Jogja. Buildings with iconic architecture can be a photo background in this area. There is also a pedestrian area that can be used as a place to relax.

E. Alun – South Square

South Square
South Square

After a full day of traveling around Malioboro, in the evening you can enjoy the bustling atmosphere in South Square. Here you can buy various snacks, ride a happy bicycle, ride a wagon, or cycle.

In addition to some of the tourist attractions that we mentioned above, there are many other tourist attractions near Malioboro that you can explore.

6. Routes and transportation access to Malioboro Jogja

Malioboro bus stop (story bubble)
Malioboro bus stop (story bubble)

There are several transportation accesses that will take you to the Malioboro area, namely using private vehicles, tricycles and carriages, or taking the Trans Jogja bus. There are at least four Trans Jogja bus lines that can take you to Malioboro including:

  • Line 1A: from Adisucipto and Prambanan Airports
  • Line 2A : from Jombor Terminal and Jogja Kembali Monument
  • Line 3A: from Condongcatur Terminal and UGM
  • Line 8 : from Terminal Jombok and Demak Ijo

Oh yes, for information, for those of you who come from out of town and are looking for accommodation or hotels close to Malioboro, there are many hotel options that you can use. Prices vary, you can choose according to taste. Any hotel information near Malioboro, read: 10 Recommended Hotels Near Malioboro Yogyakarta

If the information about Malioboro that we shared above is still lacking, you can read: Jogja Tour – Malioboro Street

What else is there in Yogyakarta?

For those of you who are traveling or sightseeing in Jogja, make sure you never forget to stop by at Malioboro. Get a lot of interesting and exciting things while there.

If you are confused about where to come when you go to Jogja later, we have a complete FREE itinerary of 3 days 2 nights for you. You can check it here: Itinerary Jogja 3 Days 2 Nights Balance of Present & Nature (Make Your Heart Cool)

Happy holidays, fellow travelers!

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