Healthy Vacation – 5 of the Easiest Tips to Do

Holidays are certainly a very fun activity. But precisely at these times, we like to forget our health. It’s not uncommon for people to say, “Ah, when you’re on vacation, you don’t need to limit your food. Later, after the holidays, it will return to normal again. ”. Finally, healthy holidays never enter the history of our holidays.

These things lead to a reduction in our health, some of which are gaining weight, cholesterol, high blood pressure and others after the holidays. Often, after experiencing this, we tend to just return to our previous diet, instead of improving our nutritional intake even more in order to reduce these things.

The more frequent holidays, the more pile up these things, of course this is not very beneficial for our bodies in the long run. So without lingering on, let’s take a look at healthy vacation tips that are easy to follow.

Healthy Vacation Tips

1. Eat the food you really like

Healthy Vacation Tips - Eat the Food You Really Love (shutterstock)
Healthy Vacation Tips – Eat the Food You Really Love (shutterstock)

Indeed this sounds quite strange. Does that mean keep eating? Of course, it would be a shame if you didn’t eat the food you really like from that area. But of course, still in a reasonable portion, don’t because you are in an area for a short time, you add more than the normal portion.

Besides, you don’t have to eat foods that you don’t like. Have heard the sentence, “Food A is very delicious in area B. Let’s try it while we are in area B!”. These are very wrong words for your health, especially if you don’t really like these foods.

What happened? The worst thing is, you will force yourself to eat the food after you eat other food. Of course this has violated the first point, consuming food must be kept in reasonable portions, which will automatically increase body weight, cholesterol, high blood pressure, blood sugar and others depending on the type of food.

2. Minimizing Technology

Healthy Vacation Tips - Minimizing Technology (shutterstock)
Healthy Vacation Tips – Minimizing Technology (shutterstock)

Stop holding your cellphone while relaxing on the beach. Stop receiving calls when you are amazed at the view of the mountains. Stop having fun editing photos when a beautiful waterfall is in front of you.

Holidays exist, to help us calm the mind, so that afterward our minds will be much clearer. Technology can sometimes be a hindrance to this.

Even though it is very difficult to eliminate the use of technology, minimize its use as much as possible so that the purpose of your vacation can be achieved. Believe me everything can wait when you return to the inn.

In addition, there are several applications that are enough to help you on vacation. Also read: Traveling Application: 20 Must-Have Travel Applications on a Traveler’s Mobile

3. The Most Crucial 20 Minutes

Healthy Vacation Tips - The Most Crucial 20 Minutes (netquest)
Healthy Vacation Tips – The Most Crucial 20 Minutes (netquest)

Actually, for this point, the tips given can not only be applied during holidays, but also in everyday life. During the day we are traveling, you only need to set aside 20 minutes for this.

Sports. Yes, you only need to spend 20 minutes exercising. Do easy things like jumping jacks, push ups, sit-ups, squats and even stretching to do some light exercise which is enough to help you get fitter.

4. Make Sleep a Priority

Bedroom (freepik)
Healthy Vacation Tips – Make Sleep a Priority (freepik)

This may sound strange, especially for young people. But believe me, sleeping 8 hours should still be done even when you are on vacation. With adequate rest, you will feel more alert and healthier in the future.

Of course you don’t want it, when you go for a walk, the first day you sleep, say that you only sleep 3-4 hours. The next day, you will feel tired, your trip will not be optimal, not to mention that your immune system also decreases, causing you to get sick the next day, and even more unable to enjoy your vacation on the third day.

See how important the role of adequate sleep is? Let’s keep adjusting your sleep patterns so that your vacation is maximal.

5. Always Bring Mineral Water

Water Drinking Bottle (seconds)
Water Drinking Bottle (seconds)

Vacations are the time for us to visit the special places in the area and of course do many activities that can drain your energy.

It is very important to always carry mineral water on every trip so that you can immediately consume it when you feel thirsty to avoid dehydration. Avoid consuming drinks with soda or high sugar levels, because that will make you more dehydrated.

Those are the tips for healthy holidays that are very easy to do. Who said that being healthy for body and soul is difficult? But you know, in addition to our mental and physical health, we also have to protect ourselves and our belongings from fraud during holidays. Don’t forget to also read: Travel Tips for those of you who don’t want to be deceived while on vacation

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