Graphics Cikole Bandung – Ticket Prices and Full Review (Really Cool)

Graphic Cikole is a nature tourism in Lembang Bandung, which is located in the highlands, causing the atmosphere to be cool. This tourist spot in Bandung was initially only in the form of lodging.

However, over time it turned into a natural tourist destination that comes with complete outbound facilities so it is suitable as a place for family tourism or gathering purposes. More information about Graphic Cikole tourist attractions, you can see in the review below!

Graphic Cikole – Review of Nature Tourism in Lembang

Graphic Cikole Tourist Terminal (alampriangan)
Graphic Cikole Tourist Terminal (alampriangan)

Graphic Cikole or also known as Graphic Tourist Terminal is a resort with complete tourist facilities that initially only functioned as lodging but has now been opened to the public as a family vacation spot.

The area of ​​Graphic Tourism Terminal is very wide. Located in the middle of a pine forest, Graphic Cikole has an area of ​​9 hectares in which there are complete tourist facilities. With a beautiful natural atmosphere, Graphic Tourism Terminal has now become a subscription location for pre-wedding, photo shoots, making video advertisements, and even becoming a place to hold weddings or proposals.

Cikole Graphics Route and Location

Address : Jalan Tangkuban Perahu KM. 8, Cikole, Lembang, Cikole, Lembang, West Bandung Regency, West Java
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Cikole Graphics Opening Hours and Ticket Prices

Opening hours : 08.00 – 18.00 WIB
Price of admission : IDR 20,000,-

The ticket price above is just the entry ticket price. For outbound costs you can see in the outbound facilities section, while for lodging prices you can see them along with pictures of the type of lodging in the lodging discussion below.

Cikole Graphics Facility

Some of the tourist facilities that you can find at Graphic Cikole consist of:

1. Outbound facilities

outbound Graphic Cikole (viscrenus)
outbound Graphic Cikole (viscrenus)

For those of you who are gathering with office friends or on family vacations, you can choose two types of outbound packages provided, namely regular outbound or classified outbound. Regular outbound packages are outbound packages for individual visitors.

Meanwhile, outbound classified packages are outbound packages intended for visitors who come in groups. The minimum number of participants in the classified outbound package is 20 people. So if the group members are not more than 20 people, they cannot choose this classified outbound package and will be directed to choose a regular outbound package.

At Graphic Tourism Terminal, there are many outbound activities that you can do, starting from enjoying paint ball games, ATV, flying fox, going down cliffs, spider webs, two rope bridges, picking strawberries and strawberry games, team games, fun games, personal games and many others.

The costs you need to pay are as follows:

Activity Price
Flying Fox 1 line Rp. 15.000,-/person
Flying Fox PP Rp. 25.000,-/person
Forward Packages Rp. 50.000,-/person
Paintball Rp. 85.000,-/person
Archery Rp. 85.000,-/person
Tree House Rp. 50.000,-/person
Strawberry Garden Rp. 10,000,-/person
Cikole Graphics Outbound Regular Price

For the price of classified outbound has a fairly varied price. For adults, packages can be purchased at a price of Rp. 85.000,- per person up to Rp. 125.000,- per person. Depends on the selected activity. As for children, outbound packages have costs starting from Rp. 25.000,- per person up to Rp. 75.000,- per person.

2. Cikole Graphic Lodging

If you intend to stay at the Graphic Tourism Terminal, there are several types of lodging that you can choose from. Most of the tourists who stay at the Graphic Tourism Terminal are tourists who come from outside the city and need lodging, or tourists who deliberately camp or stay at this Graphic inn.

Several types of lodging available and for rent for visitors include:

A. Pondok Wisata

Graphic Cikole - Pondok Wisata (go first)
Pondok Wisata (go first)

Pondok Wisata is an inn located on a hill with a stretch of grass located between pine trees accompanied by cool air. Pondok Wisata has three types of rooms, namely damar huts, pine huts and fir huts.

A typical rural atmosphere with wooden interiors will accompany your stay here. For the bathroom, the bathroom provided is very clean with a hot shower that can be used.

If you are interested in spending the night at Graphics by choosing Pondok Wisata lodging, you can provide a budget of IDR 1,265,000 per night for a capacity of 6 people per cottage.

B. The Stage House of Graphic Tourist Terminal

Graphic Cikole - Stage House (ticket price)
Stage House (ticket price)

For this type of accommodation on stilt houses, only one unit is currently available. To spend the night in this room with a capacity of 2 people, you have to pay 850 thousand rupiah per night. Usually this room is rented for couples who want a honeymoon.

C. Urban Camp

Graphic Cikole - Urban Camp (placed)
Urban Camp (placed)

If you want to enjoy the glamping atmosphere in Bandung, you can stay at Graphics and choose the type of urban camp inn. You will enjoy exciting glamping here.

The price per night for staying overnight at the Urban Camp lodging type in Graphic Cikole is IDR 1.4 million for a capacity of 4 people. There are 20 Urban Camp units provided with TV facilities, breakfast, mineral water, bonfires, private bathrooms and hot water.

D. Camping ground

Camping Ground (offroad bandung zone)
Camping Ground (offroad bandung zone)

The camping ground at Graphic Cikole comes in two alternative options, namely camping ground with platoon tents and VIP tents. There are family camping ground and mass camping ground available for rent. The facilities provided are also quite complete, starting from waterproof tents, bonfires, electrical facilities, mattresses and sleeping bags.

Besides Graphic Tourism Terminal, there is another resort that also has an amusement park, namely Ciwidey Valley Resort. Information about Ciwidey Valley Resort, read: Ciwidey Valley Resort, Complete Information

3. Where to eat at Graphic Cikole

At the Graphic Tourism Terminal complex, there are several restaurants provided for visitors with various concepts, including:

A. Sunda Buana restaurant

Sunda Buana Restaurant (grafikacikole)
Sunda Buana Restaurant (grafikacikole)

The Sunda Buana restaurant is a place to eat which is located at the very front after the entrance to the Graphic Cikole tourist attraction. Sunda Buana serves Bandung’s special culinary menus such as tilapia fish paste, tamarind vegetable, karedok to Bandung soto.

However, among all the menus, the most preferred menu at Sunda Buana Restaurant is the karedok. This building can accommodate 200 people with a large parking area.

B. Sangkuriang Restaurant

Sangkuriang Restaurant (dining)
Sangkuriang Restaurant (dining)

The Sangkuriang restaurant in the Graphic Tourism Terminal area is a modern restaurant that provides a variety of Sundanese and oriental specialties. In addition to serving delicious cuisine and aesthetic Balinese-themed architecture, this restaurant also provides entertainment in the form of traditional art performances for visitors.

You can watch dancers with the typical jaipong dance along with the accompaniment of angklung music being played. This restaurant can accommodate up to 120 people.

C. Dayang Sumbi’s Hall

Dayang Sumbi's Hall
Dayang Sumbi’s Hall

Dayang Sumbi Hall is a restaurant with a simple concept with a bamboo building with wooden furniture. Sundanese food, fried rice or soup you can order here. Regarding the price of the food itself, it is quite cheap because it can be priced starting at Rp. 12,500, – per portion.

D. Saung Lesehan Restaurant

Graphic Cikole - Saung Lesehan Restaurant (flickr)
Saung Lesehan Restaurant (flickr)

The Saung Lesehan Restaurant is an open-air cottage restaurant that was built with a concept resembling a saung in a rice field area. The floor uses wood with a shank-high fence and the roof uses a thatched roof.

There are 18 large and small huts in this complex. For a small hut can accommodate up to 4 people. While the large saung can accommodate up to 20 people. Of course there are many menus that you can order, ranging from chicken dishes, processed fish, soups, traditional drinks, market snacks, to packages of goat rolls.

Most visitors who come with a group, choose the goat bolster package provided at this Saung Lesehan restaurant.

E. Forest Hall

Graphic Cikole - Forest Hall (grafikacikole)
Forest Hall (grafikacikole)

Pendopo Hutan is a dining area built in an open area in Graphic Cikole. Here you can enjoy a meal while breathing fresh air and gazing at the pine trees that stand firmly. Usually, visitors who come to the Pendopo Hutan Restaurant prefer to order a drink rather than order heavy food. Tea and coffee being the best drinks that can be ordered.

Are there any tours in Lembang?

Besides Graphic Cikole, there are many other tourist spots that can be found in Lembang. Some of them are Lembang Park and Zoo, Farm House Susu Lembang, De Ranch and many more.

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those who walk in Lembang and look for interesting tourist attractions with the concept of nature tourism, Graphic Cikole and some of the tourist attractions that we mentioned above can be an alternative for your vacation. Have a good vacation!

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