Free Bali Itinerary 3 Days 2 Nights That Will Not Be Forgotten

For those of you who want to go to Bali, or even have bought tickets to Bali but still don’t know where to go, it’s really good to go to this page. Because in the Bali 3 day itinerary, I will share recommendations for places that I think are really cool to visit.

This itinerary is quite a solid itinerary. I’ve listed a few places that I think are optional, that shouldn’t be visited. Especially if there is traffic jam and your itinerary becomes tight, it’s better to skip the optional ones.

Anyway, disclaimer, before continuing, I want to tell you that this Bali itinerary is for 3 days 2 nights. This means that there will be some places that will not be accommodated in this Bali itinerary, because the duration of the day is not long enough.

If you really have more time, you can immediately move to this itinerary: Bali Itinerary Suitable for those of you who are on vacation for 4 Days 3 Nights

Notes too, description length of journey at each destination it is the length of the journey from the previous place to that place. Because this is an itinerary, so the points are in order from the first place to the end.

First Day Bali Itinerary

Note: Previous and Night Stay in Canggu

1. Breakfast – Badung Market

3 Days Bali Itinerary (First Day) - Badung Market
Bali Itinerary 3 Days (First Day) – Badung Market

Length of journey: 40 minutes (from lodging in Canggu)
Price: 5,000-10,000/portion

On the first day, it’s a good idea to try breakfast at Badung Market. I like it because besides being cheap, I can feel what it’s like to be a local who eats there. Here you can also buy many Balinese snacks and snacks that you usually find in your city.

Very suitable for buying snacks for the next trip. A lot of stock if possible for the next 3 days. But this is not the place for souvenirs, the last day there will be a way to go to the gift shop, but if you want to pay in installments to buy souvenirs, it’s okay

Oh, don’t forget to play in the Korean river area. What is the Korean River? This is the name of the local residents since it was renovated in 2018. Because it is said to be similar to the river in South Korea. I myself have never been to South Korea, so I can’t judge the truth. But he’s really quite nice and very neat, very different from the rivers in the Indonesian capital, which are mostly poorly maintained.

2. Merta Harum Luwak Coffee, Ubud

Itinerary Bali 3 Days (First Day) - Merta Harum Luwak Coffee Ubud (travelingyuk)
Bali Itinerary 3 Days (First Day) – Merta Harum Luwak Coffee Ubud (travelingyuk)

Length of journey: 40 minutes
Price: 35,000/glass

Now, after having a delicious breakfast at Badung Market earlier, let’s have coffee first. Here you can enjoy coffee and tea tasting on a tree house. So if you look at the photo, the location is on a tree.

It’s really fun for me here, since I’m a curious child, I really liked it when the guide explained how to make civet coffee when we entered. After we were invited to see the process of making it, we were told to order coffee first.

I used to come together, I ordered Kopi Luwak 1, the price was only 35,000. For the size of the original civet coffee, it is very cheap. After that, at the seats we were given 1 tray containing 14 small cups for coffee and tea tasting. The good thing is that the tasting is free. So you can try 14 kinds of drinks for free.

3. Tegenungan Waterfall

3 Days Bali Itinerary (First Day) - Tegenungan Waterfall (Klook)
3 Days Bali Itinerary (First Day) – Tegenungan Waterfall (Klook)

Length of journey: 20 minutes
Price Sign in: 15,000/person

After relaxing coffee, it’s good to exercise a little. There will be no problem for the way down. But prepare your energy to go up, don’t forget, wear comfortable footwear.

This waterfall is really nice, quite big and there are also many spots for taking pictures. Don’t forget to bring a drink, because the drinking water sold there will be more expensive than the usual minimarket.

4. Lunch – Green Kubu

Green Kubu, Ubud, Bali (jasanusadewata)
Itinerary Bali 3 Days (First Day) – Green Kubu, Ubud, Bali (jasanusadewata)

Length of journey: 35 minutes
Price: ± 25,000/portion

Here it is!! My favorite is when I go to the Ubud area. The view is really good. The area is also very wide. Most like to walk around the restaurant area, there are only photo spots.

So spacious, there is a seating area overlooking the rice fields and there is a seating area overlooking the forest. Both are okay. The forest area is also good, not like a scary forest.

Anyway, if you go to Bali with your family, it’s really suitable to come here, not to mention there is a children’s playground too. When it comes to the price of the food, he is very pocket-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your expenses here. Here if you want to watch a short review:

5. Blanco Museum

Bali Itinerary 3 Days (First Day) - Blanco Renaissance Museum (ticket price)
Bali Itinerary 3 Days (First Day) – Blanco Renaissance Museum (ticket price)

Length of journey: 20 minutes
Price Sign in: 30,000/person

Next! We’re going to the museum! For those of you who are art lovers, it is guaranteed that you will not regret coming here. Blanco is the name of the artist, namely, Don Antonio Blanco.

He is a famous artist of Spanish and American descent who was born in the Philippines. He has also won many awards. Until finally in 1952 Antonio was invited to Bali by the king of Ubud, then married a Balinese dancer named Ni Ronji the following year.

The land of the current museum was a gift from the King of Ubud at that time, which he eventually built as a museum of his works. The museum itself first opened in 1998, a year before Antonio died.

6. Campuhan Hill (optional)

Campuhan Hill, Ubud, Bali (my tourism)
Bali Itinerary 3 Days (First Day) – Campuhan Hill, Ubud, Bali (my tourism)

Length of journey: 5 minutes
Price Sign in: Free

After relaxing, let’s gas up a bit first, okay? Let’s go to the mixed hill! Here you really have to wear comfortable footwear, because the roads that will be taken to the area are quite tired, the way home will be nothing.

Anyway, parking is a bit tricky, when I got there it was really hard to find this area. So parking is really far away, you have to walk again when you want to enter the area. Fortunately, now I understand and I have given you the closest parking place to the area (click the button below the picture of Campuhan Hill). Saved the parking location.

7. Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot Bali
Bali Itinerary 3 Days (First Day) – Tanah Lot Bali

Length of journey: 1 hour 15 minutes
Price Sign in: 20,000/person

Are you tired enough? Now is the time to relax and enjoy the view. It’s a bit far from that place, but this is one of the must-visit places for all who are in Bali.

There are also many small shops in the tourist area. It can be really blusukan for those who like to explore shops. Don’t forget the main attraction of this tourist spot, namely the cliff area and beaches.

For those who like to walk around here, this is also suitable, the area is very large, you can go to the cliff area to the beach area. Don’t forget to take a break while watching the sunset. For those of you who want to know our review about Tanah Lot, read it here: Bali Tourism – Tanah Lot

8. Dinner – Kurnia Village Resto

Kurnia Village Resto (wahyu_s4rwo)
Bali Itinerary 3 Days (First Day) – Kurnia Village Resto (wahyu_s4rwo)

Length of journey: 10 minutes
Price: ± 50,000/portion

After sunset, you must be hungry. There is one recommended restaurant in the Tanah Lot area, the name is Kurnia Village Resto. The prices are similar to seafood restaurants in Jakarta. The place is also very comfortable. The location is also not too far from the temple, only 10 minutes drive.

End of Day One

How are you? Tired of course on the first day? If you want to continue following this itinerary, it’s better if you don’t go anywhere tonight, just go back to the inn. Tomorrow, it’s a bit of a journey.

Summary of the first day in google maps:


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