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One of the tourist attractions in Bandung which is known as the most fun tourist spot to gather with family, relax, enjoy holidays and even camping is Kampung Cai Ranca Upas. Or commonly referred to as Ranca Upas.

Extensive tea gardens, beautiful gardens, many activities that can be done and of course the cool and fresh air of Bandung is an unforgettable tourist experience that can be felt at Ranca Upas.

For those of you who want to travel in natural tourist areas in Bandung, which are at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, here’s the full review!

Ticket Prices and Location of Ranca Upas

Ranca Upas (ticket price)
Ranca Upas (ticket price)

Address : Jl. Raya Ciwidey – Patengan No. KM. 11, Patengan, Rancabali District, Bandung, West Java
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Opening hours : 24 hours
Price of admission : IDR 20,000.00 per person, not including ride tickets. For outbound detail prices are listed in the outbound segment below.

Ranca Upas – Review of Nature Tourism in Bandung

Located at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level, the Ranca Upas tourist spot is the best place to unwind. Cold air temperatures reaching 17 degrees to 20 degrees will be a friend to relieve fatigue that you feel.

In addition to having beautiful natural scenery complete with extensive tea gardens, there are many other tourist facilities that you can find including:

1. Deer breeding

Deer Farm (pinterest)
Deer Farm (pinterest)

You will find hundreds of deer that live in the wild in their natural habitat, and are even allowed to interact directly with visitors. If you wish, you can feed the deer that are allowed to interact with the visitors.

If you don’t bring food to give to the deer, there is a deer food purchasing center available in the tourist area. You only need to pay Rp. 15,000.00 to buy the deer’s food in the form of carrots and kale.

This tourist activity is certainly very fun for visitors, especially children. They will get other tourist experiences as well as education about deer animals if they visit here.

It’s just that in Ranca Upas, there are not many protected animals. If you want to take your children to see various types of animals, you can also come to Lembang Park and Zoo. For information, read: Lembang Park and Zoo, a Charming Bandung Educational Tour Wisata

2. Hot springs and swimming pool

Ranca Upas - Hot springs and water park (idntimes)
Hot springs and water park (idntimes)

If you are satisfied playing with the deer and feel tired, you can relieve your fatigue by taking a hot bath. Hot water that contains sulfur in addition to being able to relax tense muscles so that it can relieve fatigue, is also useful for curing various skin diseases.

With all these benefits, many people who visit Ranca Upas do not miss the opportunity to soak in the hot springs of Ranca Upas.

If the children want to take a bath and get wet, there are swimming pool and water park facilities that can be used. The location is integrated with the hot spring pool. This waterboom is equipped with a high enough surfboard.

You can spend IDR 15,000.00 to enjoy the swimming pool and water park facilities as well as the hot spring pool at Ranca Upas.

3. Fun adventure, games & outbound

Paintball, Bandung (explorer)
Paintball Ranca Upas, Bandung (explorer)

Ranca Upas has a variety of outbound rides that can be used. Therefore, for those of you who are looking for the best location for a gathering, you can really choose this Bandung tour as your choice. Some of the fun adventure rides, games & outbound that you can find at Ranca Upas include:

  • Flying fox with a ticket price of IDR 15.000,00
  • Paint ball with a ticket price of IDR 90.000,00
  • Fun games with a ticket price of IDR 75,000.00
  • Team building with a ticket price of IDR 150,000.00
  • A rocking bridge with a ticket price of Rp. 15,000.00
  • Buggle trampoline with ticket price of IDR 15.000,00
  • Elvis Bridge with a ticket price of IDR 15.000,00
  • Burma V with a ticket price of IDR 15,000.00
  • Kid zone with a ticket price of IDR 10,000.00

You can also have fun doing archery, horse riding and cycling activities. If you want to get around Ranca Upas using a land rover, you can really do that. You can pass a fairly long track or path.

4. Café Ranca Upas

Ranca Upas Cafe (price ticket)
Ranca Upas Cafe (price ticket)

If after traveling and playing on various outbound rides you feel hungry, you can go directly to Café Ranca Upas which is located on the side of the main road in this tourist area. The iconic entrance gate makes it a must-have spot for your current photo background.

This cafe comes with a semi-outdoor concept which has a thatched roof building with a typical wooden table and chairs. There is also a green garden area with beautiful flowers in this café area. Those of you who want to eat warm noodle dishes while drinking coffee while relaxing, you really have to enjoy it at this café.

Regarding the price of food and drinks sold at this cafe, it is very affordable. Food is priced starting from IDR 15,000.00, while drinks are priced starting from IDR 10,000.00.

5. Smart Camp Adventure

Smart Camp Adventure (travel.kompas)
Smart Camp Adventure (travel.kompas)

If you are looking for a tourist spot in Bandung that is suitable for camping, this tour is also a suitable choice. Ranca Upas has a large camping area and can be used for camping up to a capacity of 1,000 people.

Even so, if you bring more than 40 camping participants, it is recommended to book a camping ground area in advance. The booking price is 500 thousand rupiah. However, this booking fee does not include tents or extra beds that are rented separately.

Around the camping ground area there is a fairly large selfie park. You can get beautiful photos to upload on social media.

The selfie park location in Ranca Upas is right before you enter the camp area. You only need to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 10,000.00 to be satisfied with selfies in this selfie park.

Besides Ranca Upas, Bandung also has many other best places for camping, one of which is Graphic Cikole. Information about Graphic Cikole tourism, read: Graphic Cikole, Nature Tourism in Lembang Bandung

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The many tourist facilities that are presented along with the charming natural scenery make Ranca Upas besides being used as a family tourist spot, it is also often used as a place to make pre-wedding photos or videos.

Mountain views, tea gardens that spread out, beautiful green grass, selfie gardens that are neatly arranged in such a way will all be your best photo background.

In addition to this one tour, Bandung also has many other attractions that can be the best place for you to shoot pre-wedding photos or videos. One of them is The Great Asia Bandung. Read: Around the World at The Great Asia Afrika Bandung

Are there any tours in Bandung?

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For those of you who are in Bandung, that’s a little review about Ranca Upas nature tourism which can be an alternative for your tourist destination. Get the best travel experience there, happy holiday!

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