Complete Guide to KRL Yogyakarta-Solo so you don’t get confused anymore

For those of you who live in the area around the capital city, you must be familiar with the KRL (Electric Rail Train). Yes, one of the modes of public transportation, which is often called the train, is now opened outside Jabodetabek and has just started operating from February 1, 2021 yesterday for the Yogyakarta and Solo routes as the last route. The Yogyakarta-Solo KRL has several stops.

With a travel time of about 68 minutes from Solo to Yogyakarta and vice versa, this route has 11 stops. You can get off or hop on from any of these stops: Yogyakarta Station, Lempuyangan Station, Maguwo Station, Prambanan Station, Srowot Station, Klaten Station, Ceper Station, Delanggu Station, Gawok Station, Purwosari Station, and Solobalapan Station.

Then what should be done to get on this latest KRL? Come see below.

Complete Guide to KRL Yogyakarta-Solo

Pre-Departure Guide

Yogyakarta-Solo KRL Train Appearance (seconds)
Yogyakarta-Solo KRL Train Appearance (seconds)

1. First download / download the KRL Access application via PlayStore on Android and AppStore on iOS.

2. For those of you who don’t have an account on KRL Access, register and activate your new account on KRL Access according to the guidelines available in the application.

You can see the KRL schedule, KRL ticket rates, station density and train position in the KRL Access application.

4. If your account is active, you can take the queue in the application. Keep in mind, each user can only have 2 active queues, and 1 queue can only get 1 ticket. 1 ticket is only for 1 trip. If you want to travel back and forth, it means that your 2 queue quota has run out for yourself. For example, if you want to go with 3 people and order round-trip tickets, then everyone must have an app and order tickets on their respective phones.

5. The queue can only be ordered on the same day, not the day before.

6. As a payment method at the station, make sure you have a commuterpay, an application that has payments via QR code, electronic money or has a KMT (Multi Trip Card) with sufficient balance.

7. Balance checks can be done through the KRL Access application on cellphones that have NFC reader facilities.

8. If you don’t have one of the payment methods above, you can buy KMT available at all stop stations for 30,000 and get a balance of 10,000 and a deposit of 20,000. But calm down, at the end of your trip on that day, you can redeem the remaining balance and deposit that is on your KTM.

9. When everything is ready, it is highly recommended that you wear a face shield, personal hand sanitizer, long-sleeved clothes and personal worship tools.

10. All passengers on the Yogyakarta-Solo KRL are prohibited from carrying items that will disturb the safe distance between passengers, have strong odors or are flammable.

Guide at Departure Stations

Yogyakarta-Solo KRL Gate
Yogyakarta-Solo KRL Gate

1. All parties at the location are required to wash their hands or use a hand sanitizer first and maintain a safe distance.

2. Open the KRL Access application and click the Check In button, if the display is green, you can enter the station.

3. When you enter one of the stations you selected on the Yogyakarta-Solo KRL route, the local officer will check your temperature. You will escape if your body temperature is below 37.3 ° C.

4. Prepare the payment method that you will use, if not, immediately buy KTM at the existing counter.

5. Tap your payment method at the entrance gate.

6. Wait for the train on the appropriate platform and do not cross the yellow line (safety line) which is under the floor.

7. If the train you want to ride has arrived, always prioritize the passengers who are going to get off, then you get on after all the passengers at the door you are going to have dropped off.

On-the-Go Guide

Condition in the carriage (compass)
Conditions in the Yogyakarta-Solo KRL Carriage (Kompas)

1. Sit or stand in accordance with the markings given by the officer.

2. Not allowed to speak directly, or talk on cell phones.

3. Not allowed to eat or drink.

4. Priority seats are available only for elderly passengers, women carrying children, pregnant women or persons with disabilities.

Guide When Arriving At The Destination

Train Appearance (compass)
Yogyakarta-Solo KRL Train (compass)

1. Have the same payment method as when you entered the starting station.

2. Use the payment method at the gate when you exit one of the stations on the Yogyakarta-Solo KRL route that you have specified.

3. If the balance is lacking in KTM, you can pull over and fill in the KTM balance with cash through one of the available fare adjustment machines.

4. After completing the balance, you can exit one of the available exit gates.

Yogyakarta-Solo KRL Guide Completed

How? Easy enough, isn’t it? Of all the series that needs to be considered is the method of payment. But don’t worry, if you don’t have it, as explained above, you can buy KTM first.

For those of you who live outside Yogyakarta or Solo, you can really drive to one of the cities, enjoy that city for a while, then continue on to the other city. Because these two places have many tourist attractions, sightseeing tours or very interesting culinary tours. You can see the list at:

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