Ciwidey Valley Resort – Entrance Ticket Prices, Opening Hours, Photos and Reviews

If you are looking for alternative tourist attractions in Bandung, in the Ciwidey area there is a natural tourism destination with beautiful mountain views that you can visit. The tourist spot is Ciwidey Valley Resort.

In this back to nature-themed tourist spot, besides you can enjoy beautiful natural scenery, you can also do various exciting and interesting activities because there is a warm water swimming pool and a playground in it.

Curious as to what Ciwidey Valley Resort is like, which is always the best place to relax when traveling in Ciwidey Bandung? Here’s the review!

Ciwidey Valley Resort Tour Review

Ciwidey Valley Resort is a resort in the Ciwidey area of ​​Bandung which also has tourist rides such as a heated swimming pool, restaurant, and also a playground.

So for those of you who don’t stay at the resort, you can still enter the Ciwidey Valley Resort area to come to other areas. It’s just that you need to pay the entrance fee.

As for those who stay here, all the rides in this resort can be enjoyed for free. Regarding the resort itself, it consists of several types, namely the type of hotel, villa or cottage and glamping area lodging.

A full review of the types of lodging available at Ciwidey Valley Resort as well as rides that can be a place to entertain yourself can be seen in the following review:

1. Lodging

Lodging (

As previously mentioned, Ciwidey Valley Resort has three types of accommodation, namely hotel, cottage or villa type and glamping. For this type of hotel, there are two choices of rooms that you can choose, namely deluxe rooms and superior rooms. The price per night starts from IDR 650,000.00 only.

While the type of lodging in the form of a villa or cottage, you will get a room that is larger in size. If you stay here with a large family, choosing a villa or cottage type of lodging will be much more recommended.

There are cottages with standard rooms and family types which are priced starting at 1 million rupiah per cottage. The last type is a glamping area which is suitable for those of you who want luxury camping at Ciwidey Valley Resort.

There are two choices of camping ground provided, namely standard glamping at a price of 850 thousand rupiah which has 2 beds. While the family glamping type is priced at 1.7 million rupiah with 4 bed facilities.

Ciwidey Valley Resort (pegipegi)
Ciwidey Valley Resort (pegipegi)

All types of lodging that you order, whether it’s hotel lodging, cottages or glamping, provide free access to the water park area. So you can take a warm bath at any time if you stay here. Meanwhile, for those who do not stay overnight, access to the Ciwidey Valley water park must pay the entrance ticket first.

Besides Ciwidey Valley Resort, actually Bandung, which has always been a tourist destination in West Java, has many other lodging or hotel options. You can find 3 star to 5 star hotels.

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2. Hot spring bath

Ciwidey Valley Resort (agoda)

The cold atmosphere of Bandung can indeed be conquered by soaking in a warm bathing pool. Ciwidey Valley Resort also has a warm water bath that can be used as a place to swim or bathe either children or adults. This spot is a mainstay spot for resort visitors or tourists who come.

The warm water in these baths flows from the white crater of Ciwidey which is not far from the tourist site. For information about the Ciwidey White Crater tour, read: Bandung Tour – Ciwidey White Crater Bandung

3. Bird park

Ciwidey Valley Resort - Ciwidey Valley Bird Park (listofhappiness)
Ciwidey Valley Bird Park (listofhappiness)

If you are a bird lover, you are also obliged to see the various types of birds that are kept here. All the birds here are placed in their respective habitats so they don’t get mixed up.

You will be satisfied walking around in the bird park with the accompaniment of the sound of birds chirping very beautifully. Each other will reply to each other adding to the cheerful atmosphere. You can also feed the birds and take pictures with the various types of birds that are here.

4. Playground

Playground (place)

If you take your staycation at Ciwidey Valley Resort with children, you don’t need to be afraid that they will get bored quickly because there is an exciting playground available here. The playground area at this resort is quite spacious.

Even so vast that there is a special maze garden that is quite wide here. In addition there are also seesaws, swings, water balloons, to water boats that can make children feel at home playing when staying at this resort.

5. Valley Ciwidey Resto

Ciwidey Valley Resort - Lembah Ciwidey Resto (bobo Cantik)
Valley Ciwidey Resto (bobo Cantik)

After you are satisfied playing in the playground and soaking in the hot pool, if your stomach and family are suddenly hungry, you can immediately go to a restaurant in the Ciwidey Valley complex. The restaurant is called Lembah Ciwidey Resto which presents a variety of special cuisine and drink menus.

You can order Sundanese and western dishes with prices starting from Rp. 35,000.00 at this Lembang Ciwidey Resto. There are many rice packages that you can order here, but the most favorite is the fried rice menu because it is very appetizing to eat in the cold air of Bandung. Meanwhile, the favorite western dishes on the menu are pasta and sandwiches. You can order one of them.

Valley Ciwidey Resto (anagraph)
Valley Ciwidey Resto (anagraph)

Valley Ciwidey Resto is a restaurant that comes with two floors. The lower floor is designed like a lounge with high chairs facing the bar table. While on the top floor, the atmosphere presented is more family friendly with soft sofas and rattan chairs arranged in a row overlooking the open natural scenery area.

You can relax while enjoying the natural scenery available. Don’t forget to capture your moments while you’re here.

Location of Ciwidey Valley Resort

Address : Jl. Barustumps KM. 17 Ciwidey, Alamendah, Rancabali District, Bandung, West Java
Folder : Click here

Opening Hours and Ticket Prices for Ciwidey Valley Resort

Opening hours : 07.00 – 21.00 WIB
Price of admission : Entrance ticket to Ciwidey Valley Resort Rp. 20,000.00 (for those who do not stay at the resort), ticket to warm water baths Rp. 50,000.00

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For those of you who are on vacation in West Java, don’t forget to stop by at Ciwidey Valley Resort and find a pleasant tourist experience there.

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