Bandung Itinerary – 4 Days 3 Nights Hits Vacation You Must Follow

For those of you who have plans to Bandung but are confused about where to go because there are so many new places, this is just right. Here I will share the Bandung itinerary with the hits recommended by me.

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This itinerary is a fairly compact itinerary. I have listed some places that I think are optional, which I don’t have to visit. Especially if it’s jammed and your itinerary gets stuck, it’s better to just skip the optional ones.

Oyah, disclaimer, before continuing, I want to tell you that this Bandung itinerary is for 4 days 3 nights. This means that there will be several places that will not be accommodated in this Bandung itinerary, because the day duration is not long enough.

Note too, description length of journey in each destination it is the length of the journey from the previous place to that place. Because this is an itinerary, so the points are in order from the first place to the end.

First Day Bandung Itinerary

Note: Previously from Jakarta and Overnight Stay in the Lembang area

1. Stone Garden Citatah

Bandung Itinerary Day One - Stone Garden Geopark (parlanaditya)
Bandung Itinerary Day One – Stone Garden Geopark (parlanaditya)

Length of journey: 2 hours 30 minutes (from Jakarta)
Suggested Departure: pk. 07.00 WIB
Price: 12,000 / person

So this is the goal of our first hits. But don’t forget to bring sunglasses, because the sunlight here is not covered by the surrounding trees. Only this is what makes the photos here so good, because the sun is ‘direct’ so natural lighting for your photos.

The area is quite large, 2.5 hectares, so even though it is crowded, you can still take comfortable photos. I also suggest that if you come here, wear comfortable enough shoes because, you know, as the name implies, there are lots of rocks. If you wear uncomfortable sandals, your feet will hurt later.

2. Breakfast – Dusun Bambu

Bandung Itinerary Day One - Dusun Bambu Lembang (Lodging)
Bandung Itinerary Day One – Dusun Bambu Lembang (Lodging)

Length of journey: 1 hour
Price: 20,000 / person on weekdays, 25,000 / person on weekends

Wow, this is my favorite place to eat and taste a lot of snacks typical of West Java when I go to the Lembang area. Apart from trying the delicious food, you can also take photos because the architecture is really good.

But if you come here, I suggest you eat in the bird cage area. The food is not bad, but not really good. It’s just that the experience we got is really unique, because while eating with the closest people who are on vacation with us, we can also enjoy the nice natural scenery plus get the cool breeze.

3. Lembang Park and Zoo

Bandung Itinerary Day One - Lembang Park and Zoo (travelspromo)
Bandung Itinerary Day One – Lembang Park and Zoo (travelspromo)

Length of journey: 15 minutes
Price: 40,000 / person on weekdays and 50,000 / person on weekends

After breakfast, it’s good to see the animals while lowering the entrails first. Although Lembang Park and Zoo is still relatively new, it was only opened in late 2019, but it turns out that there are also many animal collections.

Apart from animals such as peacocks, binturong, sun bears, meerkats, tenggalung to langur budeng, Lembang Park and Zoo also has a Bird Aviary. Bird aviary is a semi-indoor area where you can meet lots of birds and some of them can also be photographed. Here is a little leak, even in Lembang Park and Zoo’s Bird Aviary there is a paradise, really cute.

Besides animals, Lembang Park and Zoo also has other outdoor activities, such as riding a canoe on its artificial lake, going around the tourist area with a scooter to horse riding at Lembang Park and Zoo.

4. Lunch – Floating Market

Floating Market (marginal people)
Bandung Itinerary Day One – Floating Market (orangpinggiran)

Length of journey: 20 minutes
Price: 30,000 / person (including welcome drink)

Earlier, after going around at Lembang Park and Zoo, you must be hungry again. After that we go to Lembang’s Floating Market. Here, the concept is like a floating market in Thailand, where traders will sell their wares from the ship.

There are so many types of food that you can try. This is a kind of paradise for people who love culinary. Because there are so many, if I go there, I will definitely not only try one food, definitely two or more. Not yet another snack too!

5. The Great Asia Africa

Bandung Itinerary Day One - The Great Asia Afrika (indrasutantoo)
Bandung Itinerary Day One – The Great Asia Afrika (indrasutantoo)

Length of journey: 10 minutes
Price: 65,000 / person

Usually, after eating, we will walk again. The Great Asia Africa is an area that combines education and artistry. How not, so here it is divided into several areas based on the country’s representation.

Now in each area, in addition to the buildings being designed according to the country, you can also taste the typical culinary delights of each country, you can even wear traditional clothes from each country.

Each area of ​​The Great Asia Africa also often holds cultural events according to the country they represent. You must be curious about what countries are there? They have areas: Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia and Africa. Apart from that they also have their own little animal park.

6. Farm House Lembang (optional)

Bandung Itinerary Day One - Farm House Lembang (Tempatasik)
Bandung Itinerary Day One – Farm House Lembang (Tempatasik)

Length of journey: 5 minutes
Price: 30,000 / person

If you are still not hungry and you still have time, there’s nothing wrong with stopping by here. Especially if you are a fan of The Lord of The Rings, you really have to come here. Farmhouse Lembang has several areas: Hobbit houses, European-style settlements, love locks, as well as interacting with farm animals.

There are also traditional Dutch clothing rentals available here, which cost 75,000 / hour. For those of you who want to take pictures in Dutch style, you have to rent the clothes, because the background is also very European-style.

7. Dinner – Mercusuar Cafe and Resto

Mercusuar Cafe (lighthouse cafe)
Bandung Itinerary Day One – Mercusuar Cafe and Resto (mercusuarcafe)

Length of journey: 30 minutes
Price: 20,000 / person on weekdays and 25,000 / person on weekends

Wow, it’s cool, the Lembang area and Bandung seem endless, there are just great new places. This is one of them. The view is okay, and the building is really cool, taking on a medieval theme.

For those of you who want to take photos, first buy the ticket on the ground floor, then go up to the 6th floor, so you can get photo spots like the one in the picture above. Apart from the castle, there is also a lighthouse which should also be included in your photo list if you come here.

The ground floor itself is a bakery, while apart from the 6th floor and the ground floor, there is a seating area to eat restaurant and cafe dishes.

Don’t forget to come here, go to the 3rd floor, because there is a photo spot that is too bad to pass. The spot is the hull of the ship. You can pretend to be the captain of the ship there.

End of First Day

So this is the end of the first day of the Bandung itinerary. For those of you who still want to travel, this is a choice of places that you can visit: Tourist Attractions in Lembang – 30 Places You Must Visit

First day summary on google maps:


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