Bali Zoo, Bali Educational Tourism You Must Visit!

For those of you who are looking for child-friendly tours in Bali, you can just come directly to Bali Zoo. Bali Zoo, as the name implies, is a zoo in Bali that comes with the concept of educational tourism that provides a variety of fun and fun rides.

For those of you who bring small children, you can be sure that your child will really like walking at the Bali Zoo. It is guaranteed that your little one will not be fussy because there are many interesting things that he will witness and do.
If you are in Bali and looking for educational tourist attractions in Bali that are child-friendly, immediately point the wheel and visit the Bali Zoo.

You can see complete information about this educational tour in the following review!

Bali Zoo Educational Tour Review

Nearest Zoo
Bali Zoo

Address: Bali Zoo. Singapadu, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency, Bali
Map: Click here
Opening hours: 09.00 – 17.00 WITA
Entrance ticket price: 85 thousand rupiah for children and 110 thousand rupiah for adults

Not only does it have many natural attractions in the form of beaches, Bali also has other interesting tourism potentials. One of the tourism potentials that Bali has is child-friendly zoo tourism. If you are traveling with children in Bali, then taking your little one on a tour at the Bali Zoo will be an attractive tourist choice for you, your children and your family.

Bali Zoo provides various kinds of tourist rides and interesting attractions for visitors. What are some interesting tourist rides and attractions that can be seen at the Bali Zoo? Here’s the review:

Night safari expedition of Bali Zoo

Night safari expedition of Bali Zoo
Bali Zoo Night safari

The night safari expedition is a vehicle that can be visited at night. Night safari expedition is a vehicle that provides expedition attractions with animals. You can go around on an elephant or other animal.

You will be taken around the tourist area and chatting with animals which is sure to be a very fun expedition or adventure. This attraction is also interspersed with several activities such as gala dinners and dance performances that will certainly make your nights staying at the Bali Zoo very enjoyable. You will also get a different and unbeatable travel experience.

Elephant ride

Elephant ride
Bali Zoo – Elephant Ride

If you are an elephant lover, you can try the elephant ride attraction. Later you will be taken along the track in the form of land and pond on an elephant. You will get a very exciting and tense sensation.

This attraction is available in two package options, namely the first package which lasts 15 minutes and the second package lasts 30 minutes. The price is of course different for the two packages, you can choose which package you like and it fits your budget.

But if you really want to be satisfied, then the second package that lasts 30 minutes must be your choice. When are you lingering with elephants if not now?

Breakfast with orangutans

Breakfast with orangutans
Bali Zoo

Have you never had the sensation of having breakfast with an orangutan? If you haven’t, you can try what the sensation is like at Bali Zoo. Of course the orangutan will not sit and eat with you at the dinner table.

It’s not like that. But they orangutans will only accompany tourists to breakfast by occasionally doing funny and silly acts which are very entertaining.

Mahout for a day

Mahout for a day
Bali Zoo

Unlike the elephant ride that we have previously discussed, the mahout for a day attraction is an attraction that will make tourists feel the daily life of an elephant handler.

Through this one attraction, besides being able to ride an elephant, you as a tourist will play the role of an elephant herder who has the responsibility to care for the elephant. Your job is to bathe the elephant and feed him. It’s really exciting!

Petting zoo

Petting zoo
Bali Zoo

If you happen to come to Bali Zoo with small children, don’t forget to take them to this one ride. At Petting Zoo, they can play and interact together with baby animals such as baby rabbits, baby deer and baby deer.

In addition to being a very fun new experience for the little ones, they will also get education about various types of animals and how to treat them.

Pony ride

Pony ride
Bali Zoo

This vehicle is also specially provided as a vehicle for children’s play. In this ride, children will be invited to ride a pony around. Take it easy because all children’s activities on the Pony ride are under supervision so it will be very safe.

So, will all children be able to enjoy playing on the Pony ride?

In fact, not all children are allowed to play on this one ride. Children who are allowed to play on the Pony ride are children who have a maximum body weight of 30 kg. So for children who weigh over 30 kg are prohibited from playing on this vehicle.

Jungle splash waterplay

Jungle splash waterplay
Bali Zoo

This one vehicle is also a vehicle that the baby likes. Children can get wet as much as they want on this ride. In Jungle splash waterplay, children can play water in the water boom which is deliberately presented as a vehicle for children’s water games.

The depth of the water is safe for your little one. In addition, the waterboom in the Jungle splash waterplay ride has also been equipped with several game rides such as slides and spilled bucket rides.

In addition to these various rides, Bali Zoo is also a tourist spot which is often used as a place to hold various large-scale events. Several large concerts and various events were held at the Bali Zoo.

Oh yes, if you talk about a tour in the form of a zoo, it’s incomplete if you don’t talk about the animal collection. Bali Zoo is a zoo that has various types of animals ranging from bird species to reptiles.

There is a composition of approximately 10% reptiles, 60% birds and 30% mammals that live in this zoo area. For bird species that you will find at Bali Zoo, including cassowaries, eagles, bad older brothers, Bali starlings, peacocks and various other types of birds.

As for mammal species, you will find several animals such as coat macaques, African lions, deer, white tigers, Sumatran tigers, camels, kangaroos imported directly from Australia as well as hippos.

For reptile species, the reptile species that you can find in this Bali zoo include Komodo dragons, which are also found in East Nusa Tenggara, python to iguanas.


Well, all of these animals are placed in different cages and arranged similar to their natural habitat. This was done by the Bali Zoo management not without reason. By placing the animals in accordance with their natural habitat, it is hoped that these animals can experience life as in their habitat so as to prevent potential animals from experiencing stress and extinction.

Besides being able to see various kinds of animals that have habitats that resemble their natural habitats, while at Bali Zoo you will also feel comfortable because the air is very cool. Coolness in one of the tourist attractions in Bali occurs because there are indeed many trees planted around the tourist area.

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Back again to the discussion about Bali Zoo, at the Bali zoo you will be treated to quite complex public facilities. In addition to the large parking area available, you can also use public facilities such as toilets, changing rooms, lockers, and also a gazebo as a place to sit and relax if you feel tired after traveling around this tourist spot.

the sancto villa

The inn named The sanctoo Villa is an inn located in the Bali Zoo area. This inn is directly connected to the Bali Zoo tourist spot.

As the name implies, the atmosphere that you will find at The sanctoo Villa is very relaxed and calm. When you enter the lobby for the first time, you will be greeted by a very friendly receptionist.

You can check in after booking and you will immediately be escorted to the buggy car through the tiny and leafy streets. Your eyes will be spoiled with the exclusive atmosphere offered. All rooms at The sanctoo Villa come with a villa concept supported by a private pool and balcony access for a place to relax.

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If you want a romantic dinner while staying at The Sanctoo Villa, you can. You can ask the waiter to prepare a private dinner in the area of ​​The sanctoo Villa that you want. You will get an extraordinary view.

But to spend the night at The Sanctoo Villa, you also have to spend a lot of money. Room rates per night at The Sanctoo Villa are priced starting from 1.5 million to 2 million rupiah and above.

Pandawa Beach, Bali

So you also need to prepare a large enough fund to enjoy the night at this cool villa. Therefore, if you feel that your budget is inadequate to spend the night at The sanctoo Villa, you can spend the night at several other lodging options.

Some other lodging options around Bali Zoo that you can make your choice of as a place to stay are Puri Maharani Boutique Hotel, Ubud Nyuh Bali Resort, Bali Taman Ubud, Anulekha Resort and Villa and Puri Cili Villa Ubud.

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Pura Taman Saraswati Ubud
Pura Taman Saraswati Ubud

While in Bali, you can also be satisfied to take a culinary tour. You know there are so many culinary attractions that you can explore. Just empty your stomach and taste all the culinary provided.

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For those of you who are traveling in Bali, that’s a glimpse of the information we can convey about Bali tourism, especially the Bali Zoo. Get an exciting and unbeatable travel experience in Bali right now!

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