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What parts of Bali are not attractive? Answering this question is certainly difficult, huh. Bali seems to have a strong magnet with endless appeal. The natural beauty, especially the beach, doesn’t need to be explained anymore. This island is also known as Pulau Seribu Pura because of the strong influence of Hindu teachings here.

Now, what if the beauty of the beaches in Bali is combined with a temple as a place of worship for Hindus? The answer is just visit Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot is a religious tourist spot with a beautiful beach panorama. Consisting of two temples, each of which is on top of boulders and cliffs jutting into the sea, Tanah Lot looks pretty unpretentious.

Tanah Lot Bali
Tanah Lot Bali

What is called Tanah Lot Temple is a temple that sits on a rocky slab in the middle of the beach. This temple is a place of worship to the sea god, this is also what makes this temple built in a location very close to the sea. Tourists are not allowed to enter the temple building to maintain the sanctity and sanctity of this place of worship.

At high tide, you can see Tanah Lot Temple as if it is floating on the water. It is different when the water recedes, under the temple there are small holes like a cave which is occupied by many flat tail snakes with black and yellow tails. That said, this snake is the guardian of the temple and has a poison 3 times stronger than a cobra. These snakes are relatively tame and will not attack unless disturbed.

sunset at Tanah Lot
sunset at Tanah Lot

Another uniqueness of Tanah Lot is that it has a fresh spring called Clean Water. This spring is of course a miracle in itself because it is located in the middle of a beach with salty water. According to local residents, this freshwater spring is also one of the reasons for choosing this beach as the location for the establishment of Tanah Lot Temple because it is considered a holy place.

Tanah Lot is about 1 hour from the airport or about 45 minutes from Kuta Beach which is another popular tourist spot in Bali. This tourist spot is visited a lot, especially in the late afternoon because of the famous beautiful sunset view.

The price of admission to Tanah Lot is 15,000 Rupiah. The price is cheap enough to be able to enjoy religious tourism as well as beaches in one tourist spot in Bali.

History of Tanah Lot

sunset at Tanah Lot
sunset at Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot comes from two words, namely ‘land’ which means island and ‘lot’ which means sea. Combined, the two mean ‘an island in the middle of the sea’. Apart from the origin of the name, this tourist spot also has a story or legend that is believed to be the origin of the Tanah Lot Temple.

In the past, there was a spreader of Hinduism from Java named Danghyang Nirartha and wandered to the land of Bali. He managed to strengthen the trust of the local population, but a village ruler named Bendesa Beraban did not like Nirartha’s presence.

Tanah Lot temple
Tanah Lot temple

Beraban and his followers tried to drive Nirartha away. By Nirartha, his wish would be fulfilled, but first he moved a giant rock to the middle of the beach. There, Nirartha continued his meditation. He also threw the scarf he was wearing into the middle of the sea. The shawl then turned into a black snake with yellow tail with a flat tail, which was in charge of guarding his place of meditation. The snake can still be seen in Tanah Lot today.

Seeing Nirartha’s extraordinary ability, Beraban was amazed. It is said that Beraban gave up his intention of expelling Nirartha and turned into his follower. Then two temples were built for the villagers’ places of worship, one temple on a boulder that was moved to the middle of the beach, the other temple at the end of a cliff jutting into the sea.

What can be done in Tanah Lot

Even though you are not allowed to enter the temple, there are still other interesting things you can do in Tanah Lot. Here’s the summary:

Photo hunting

What’s more interesting than capturing the beauty of a tourist spot in a photo frame? By taking pictures, you can reminisce about the beauty of Tanah Lot from anywhere.

Prepare your camera. The view of the sunset at this tourist spot is a photo object that is much targeted by amateur and professional photographers. Tanah Lot Temple with a background of reddish twilight will make your photos very beautiful to show off to friends and family when you return home.

Hunt for souvenirs

Along the entrance to Tanah Lot Temple there is an art market that offers a variety of Balinese handicrafts. You can find carved wooden necklaces and bracelets, keychains made of shells, ashtrays decorated with sand and starfish and also t-shirts with various Balinese inscriptions.

When shopping at this art market, it’s best to use your bargaining skills. The price offered is relatively high initially, but it is not impossible that you can get a more affordable price if you can offer it well. Shh, one of the tricks when bidding is to use the local language, so that the merchant feels familiar with you.

Test the myth

Each tourist spot has unique myths that are widely believed. In Tanah Lot, too. Here, there is a myth that if tourists wash their face with Tirta Pab cleanse while saying their wishes, soon their wish will come true.

Apart from the Tirta Pab Cleaning myth, another myth has developed. You can hold a flat tailed snake that guards the temple while placing coins on the bottom of the water and saying a wish. Remember, don’t be too harsh when handling the snake so they don’t attack you.

What else is interesting about Tanah Lot?

Tanah Lot
Tanah Lot

The odalan ritual

Odalan is a ritual or ceremony that is usually done before Galungan and Kuningan holidays. On that day, Tanah Lot Temple will be filled with Hindus who come from all over Bali to pray here.

Location and transportation

sunset at Tanah Lot
sunset at Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is located in Beraban Village, Kediri District, Tabanan, Bali. To be able to reach this location, the most practical way is to use travel services, rent a vehicle or take a taxi. If you rent a vehicle, you don’t need to worry about getting lost, there are many road signs to Tanah Lot because this tourist spot is very popular in Bali.

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