Australian Working Holiday Visa, How to Apply and Terms

For those of you who like to vacation in Australia or do have a job there, an Australian working holiday visa is a type of visa that you must have. With this Australian working holiday visa, you can travel or even travel for business and work in Australia for 1 full year.

This visa can be owned by those of you who are aged 18 to 30 years. Of course, in addition to general requirements such as the age limit to have this Australian visa, there are several other requirements that you must meet. Here we provide complete information for those of you who want to apply for an Australian working holiday visa. Let’s check these out!

A. Benefits of Australian Working Holiday Visa

Australian Working Holiday Visa (finance.detik)
Australian Working Holiday Visa (finance.detik)

The Australian working holiday visa program presented is actually the result of bilateral cooperation between the Indonesian government and the Australian government since 2009. However, this program has only been booming and has become a prima donna since 2016 and 2017.

The Australian working holiday visa initially only provided a quota of 100 registrants. However, in 2012, the quota was increased to 1,000 people and is valid until now.

However, this Australian working holiday visa program cannot be applied throughout the year, usually registration will be opened every year in July because at that time the number of applicants for working holiday visas will be reset to zero again.

By having a working holiday visa there will be many benefits that you can get, including:

  • Gain valuable experience because you can explore the world further and wider
  • Using a working holiday visa, your chance to vacation is much longer
  • You can use the opportunity to go abroad for a vacation while earning money to work. So while on vacation, you can while looking for dollar income there. Wouldn’t that be very fun and profitable at the same time?
  • If you can get a job in Australia, it will certainly be a very valuable asset for your future
  • Get more friends from abroad
  • Adding insight into social, cultural, community and various other things
  • Interact directly with people who speak foreign languages ​​so that you can become more proficient in foreign languages
  • Have the opportunity to participate in various course programs for Australian working holiday visa holders
  • No need to go back and forth to apply for a visa for your whole year of travel

Well, now you know that there are many benefits that you can get from an Australian working holiday visa? Therefore, reconsider getting this visa for those of you who don’t have one.

B. How to Apply and Requirements for Australian Working Holiday Visa

how to apply and terms (observe)
How to Apply and Terms (observe)

The procedure for applying and the requirements for applying for an Australian working holiday visa are actually almost the same as applying for other visas such as a Japan or Taiwan visa. It’s just that, the type of visa is different and some things like the minimum balance of the registrant.

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Some of the conditions that you must meet to apply for this Australian visa include:

  • Have a passport that is valid for at least one year of validity
  • Age 18 to 30 years when applying for a working holiday visa. So if you send your application over the age of 30, it is very likely that your visa will not be accepted.
  • Just registered for the first time. So if you have previously received a working holiday visa in Australia then you are not allowed to re-apply
  • Educational qualifications meet the minimum requirements of education having undergone a two-year diploma course or bachelor’s degree program
  • Have a good command of the English language by providing evidence of an IELTS test and get a minimum score of 4.5 overall
  • Have a minimum savings of AUD 5,000. If your savings are below this nominal, your visa application application will be rejected. So if you feel that you have met all the registration qualifications but your savings have not met, you can borrow funds from your parents or relatives which you can later return after the official visa application is received.
  • Carry out medical check-ups and meet the healthy criteria
  • Obtain a letter of recommendation from the SRPI (Letter of Recommendation from the Government of Indonesia)

To get this SRPI letter, there are several documents that you need to include in your application, including:

  • Passport with a validity period of more than 18 months
  • E-KTP
  • A passport photo with a size of 4 x 6 cm with a white background
  • IELTS certificate minimum score 4.5
  • Minimum education certificate D3 or S1
  • Reference letter from the bank stating the amount of savings with a value equivalent to AUD 5,000
  • SKCK

If you have prepared all the requirements above, now follow the following procedure to apply for a working holiday visa Australia 2021:

1. Prepare all the necessary documents

Visa Application Documents (economy.okezone)
Visa Application Documents (economy.okezone)

Some of the important documents that you need to prepare are all the documents you brought when submitting the SRPI (Indonesian Government Recommendation Letter), medical check up, plus the official SRPI letter that you got.

2. Translate all documents in Indonesian to English

You need to translate all kinds of documents in Indonesian into English. Each translated document also needs to include full name, address, telephone number, as well as qualifications or experience in translating languages.

If you don’t have these qualifications, you can look for a professional and trusted translator to help you handle it.

3. Scan or photograph all documents clearly

Working Holiday Visa Australia - Scan Document Visa (womantalk)
Scan Document Visa (womantalk)

All documents, both originals or photocopies in Indonesian and documents that you have translated into English, must be scanned. If you have more than one document, you can make it in the same file. Make sure the scan results are clear and legible.

4. Create an account at ImmiAccount

If you have prepared all the necessary documents, now go to the official ImmiAccount website. Create an account there by filling in your personal data and follow the steps to completion. Next, attach all the required document files according to the commands given.

5. Make the visa payment

Australian visa fees (shutterstock)
Australian visa fees (shutterstock)

Visa payments are made online through ImmiAccount with a nominal amount to be paid as a visa fee of AUD 485 or around Rp. 4,850.000,00. Payments can be made using a credit card, paypal or UnionPay.

Done! You just have to wait for news whether your visa is accepted or rejected. If it is accepted, you just need to wait for your visa to be issued. You will get information on acceptance or rejection from the officer later.

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How? Isn’t it easy, the requirements and procedures for applying for a working visa holiday in Australia? For those of you who feel you meet the requirements, you can prepare all the documents and make a submission after registration is open. Good luck and good luck, fellow traveler!

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