4 Beaches in Papua are Beautiful and Make You Forget the Land

Papua is the largest and most eastern province of Indonesia. This island has almost unlimited natural resources which eventually made Papua known as one of the richest islands in Indonesia, including the beaches in Papua. Apart from the abundance of natural resources such as copper and gold, the land of Papua and the coast in Papua is also a haven for biodiversity that remains on earth today.

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Talking about Papua’s riches, of course, this island also has some beautiful and charming beaches. Exposure from social media and the development of transportation schemes has opened up space for the increasing popularity of several beaches with beautiful views that were previously closed from civilization. WellHere are 4 of the best beaches in Papua that you need to visit if you are on vacation in eastern Indonesia.

1. Harlem Beach

Address: Tablasupa, Depapre, Jayapura, Papua 99353
Map: Click Here
Entrance Ticket: Rp. 20,000

This beach, which is located in Tablanusu Village, Depapre District, Jayapura Regency, is the true definition of a hidden gem. To be able to reach it, you need to first pass through difficult terrain. The journey from Jayapura city to Depapre is indeed quite difficult, but the journey to Harlem Beach is far from over because to reach this beach, you need to use sea transportation.

Harlem Beach – Merdeka

Regardless of where you depart from Jayapura, you need to hire a driver to head to Harlem Beach, which is also known as White Sand Beach. Later, you will be dropped off at Depapre Pier which is located 50 km west of Jayapura, and from there, it will take a 15-minute boat trip to Harlem Beach.

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Upon arrival, you will be treated to a pearl white sand beach with a coastline area of ​​700 meters. The calm and comfortable atmosphere will immediately be felt considering Harlem Beach is filled with coconut, sago trees and some natural vegetation that grow near the beach area. One of the most interesting things about this beach is the fact that there is a fresh water pool close to the beach location.

Given its remote location, it is very likely that you will probably enjoy this entire beach area alone – especially if you visit on a weekday. For the completeness of the facilities, local residents have also prepared several accommodation locations and bathrooms independently.

Harlem Beach – Seconds Travel

Until 2016, the Harlem Beach area did not have electricity supply from PLN and some residents chose to use a generator for activities. In addition, there are still no restaurants or cafes around the Harlem Beach area so make sure to bring your own supplies and food.

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Harlem Beach is arguably the best beach in Papua, and part of the reason is because the locals take good care of it. Therefore, it feels quite appropriate for local residents to charge an entrance fee of 20,000 rupiah to enjoy this view.

2. Pasir Timbul Beach

Address: Sembilan Islands, Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua
Map: Click Here
Entrance ticket: –

Raja Ampat provides unlimited tourist areas for travelers coming to Papua. The largest island of the Raja Ampat cluster is called Waigeo and is the home of a stunning beach called Pantai Pasir Timbul. Unlike other beaches in Raja Ampat, this beach is located close to lush green hills.

beaches in Papua
Pasir Timbul Beach – Dailysia

The route to Pasir Timbul Beach. Requires several transits. First, you need to take a plane to Marina Airport, which is located in Waisai City. Once you get there, you can easily opt for the local transportation service to Pasir Timbul Beach.

From a visual point of view, Pasir Timbul Beach has a clear appearance of sea water that seems transparent with coral reefs visible, which is the main attraction for tourists. The size of this beach is not too wide, so maybe you won’t be able to get around too much.

However, you will always be able to explore the water with all your heart. This is why Pasir Timbul is the recommended place to do snorkeling. Beautiful fish and corals plus a comfortable and soothing atmosphere, what else do you need?

Due to the limited size of the coastline, Pasir Timbul Beach is not suitable for walks on the beach. As an alternative, you can enjoy snorkeling, because this beach is indeed one of the best places to do it.

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The marine beauty of Pasir Timbul Beach even exceeds that of several other beaches in Raja Ampat. No wonder professionals have the sole purpose of visiting this beach which is none other than enjoying the sensation of snorkeling or diving. But the problem is that there are no facilities that can rent out this equipment near the beach area, so you have to prepare your snorkeling equipment beforehand.

At least, there are a hundred kinds of fish living in the sea near this shore. You will be able to meet all of them if you are brave enough to explore further. In addition, there are also several types of corals that are considered cute.

Pasir Timbul Beach – Kumparan

These amazing corals are located on various parts of the coast, so you will need to get around in a fairly wide radius. For those of you who are professionals, snorkeling at Pasir Timbul Beach will not be a hassle but for those who are still learning how to dive or snorkel, it’s better to avoid going too far to explore the sea. That’s because ocean currents are sometimes unpredictable.

Another activity that can be enjoyed on this beach is swimming. This relaxing water sport is suitable for children or those who lack the skills to explore the underwater beauty. Not to mention that the water at Pasir Timbul Beach is always warm and clear, which feels comfortable for the skin.

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In addition, the almost transparent color of the water offers excellent visibility, so that even those who swim can see the underwater scenery without any equipment.

3. Gamfi Beach

One way to really feel the beautiful sensation of Raja Ampat is to visit Gamfi Beach. This beach area is famous for its coconut trees and colored sand – nope open white but – beige. This unique atmosphere is what explains why most tourists choose to come to Gamfi Beach and relax in awe of nature and the soothing weather.

Gamfi Beach – Lifestyle Okezone

Gamfi Beach is part of Misool Island which means you have to take a plane to Sorong City first. After you reach Domine Eduard Osok Airport, you can continue your journey to the nearest port. From there, you may need to take a speedboat to get to Misool Island.

As previously mentioned, this beach has soft brown sand with a texture that is equally soft. So don’t be surprised if almost everyone who visits Gamfi Beach will like to take a walk to enjoy this area.

Many people come to this location to relax and enjoy the calm beach atmosphere and exude tropical nuances with a warm atmosphere. One word that represents Gamfi Beach is peace. It was because the beauty was still natural and there were no villagers living nearby. That means you won’t find many other visitors there either *yeay*.

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Visiting tropical beaches will always be everyone’s preference. In this regard, Gamfi Beach is the perfect reference offering beautiful seas and stunning views of the coastline. Not to mention the coconut trees that thrive, creating nuance and comfort.

beaches in Papua
Misool Island – Fun-Adventure

In fact, you will be allowed to climb the trees and pick coconuts to drink. In this way, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable sea view, while drinking fresh coconut water!

Deciding to come to one of these beaches in Papua, when visiting Raja Ampat was the most appropriate decision. Apart from walking under coconut trees and drinking fresh natural drinks, you can also swim in the warm and calm sea water. However, the direction of the waves is unpredictable at high tide which means that all visitors should keep an eye on the wave height before deciding to play in the water.

4. Banos Beach

Misool Island has been known to be one of the most references common in Raja Ampat Regency. Nearby, there is a small island called Banos. The name of the beach is also similar to the island, namely Banos Beach. Due to its serene atmosphere, this beach in Papua is a popular destination for beach walks and swimming.

Some people also come to this beach to take pictures considering that Banos Beach is still barely touched. That means pre photographers can take advantage of all the profile areas of the island of Banos for a natural backdrop. Overall, Banos Island is a great place to spend vacation time.

Banos Island – KliKli Adventure

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To be able to reach Banos Island, the first destination you need to go to is Sorong City, because Banos Island is located close to the hometown of Papuan football legend, Boaz Solossa. For those coming from Jakarta, your destination is Eduard Airport, which is located in Sorong. Next, you have to head to the Port of Sorong to rent a speedboat or similar transportation service.

Banos Beach displays various types of beauty. For example, there is clean white sand with a soft texture. Near the coast, there are several karst reefs, which are covered by shrubs and trees which make up the beautiful coastal features. Not to mention that there are small hills that make great backgrounds for photography!

Banos Beach is the main attraction on Banos Island which is very open with the potential for your free adventure such as walking on the sand and witnessing the amazing sea views. There is nothing wrong with taking off your footwear and enjoying the direct touch of sand to your feet because there is no trash and dangerous objects scattered in the beach area.

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The next activity you can do while on vacation to one of the beaches in Papua is hunting for giant shells. After getting tired of collecting shells, plunging into the water can be the next option. After spending time at Banos Beach, you can also start exploring nearby tourist spots.

beaches in Papua
Banos Beach – Twitter

There are two locations that can be visited when you visit Banos Island. The first is Sunmalelen where tourists can explore the valuable and beautiful art of the ancient settlement. There is also Harfat Hill, where tourists can hike to get a stunning, beautiful view of Banos Island!

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