16 Essential Camping Equipment You Need To Have!

Camping is a method of spending a weekend that is timeless. Especially if you go camping with your family or friends while accompanied by a series of helpful camping equipment.

In addition, camping activities are also good for the body, mind, and spirit who have often been subjected to modern routines far from the sensation of relaxation supported by adequate camping equipment. For those of you who feel backpacking impractical because of limited time, physicality, or because you have a family, we at Various Tourist Attractions recommend that you immediately pack your camping equipment and find a location in the nearest camping area.

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The most important part of comfort while camping is getting the right camping equipment ready. The right choice of equipment can greatly affect your comfort and freedom to enjoy the full camping experience you know. If you bring gears wrong, you might find it difficult to be able to feel these warm moments. So that I’m not mistaken, below we have listed the best recommendations for camping equipment that you need to bring when camping. Come oncheck right now!

1. Sleeping Bag

Sleeping under the glittering light of the stars and moon will be much more comfortable if you have prepared a waterproof sleeping bag that suits the weather. Since sleeping in an open space is very dangerous, you need to consider more seriously about the sleeping bag options you will use. As much as possible choose a sleeping bag that is lightweight, durable, and easy to clean – also check the temperature specifications and plan your itinerary with the camping location weather to stay asleep comfortably.

Camping Equipment
Sleeping Bag – Shopify

2. Solar Lights

Lighting is one of the most important factors in a camping area. Camping equipment such as solar powered lights will become even more important if the location where you are camping prohibits the use of fire. These solar powered lanterns are very unobtrusive as they don’t require batteries or a power source. Some of the products are even foldable, and are light enough to carry and hang in a tent for lighting.

Solar Lights – Selling Prices

3. First aid kit

For those of you who may already have experience camping, you must know very well what you need to put in the first aid kit box based on your personal preferences or needs. But for them camper newcomers, filling the first aid kit is not as easy as it thinks. Well. To solve this problem, you can buy a first aid kit that comes pre-packaged to make sure you get the essentials like bandages, antiseptic wipes, alcohol, disposable gloves, first aid tape and gauze.

Camping Equipment
First aid kit – BliBli

4. Powerbank / Portable Electric Generator / Genset

Even though one of the intentions for camping is to cut the use of gadgets and electronic equipment, you still need to have a reliable power source. Therefore, on the camping gear list, don’t forget to bring a portable power generator that can charge smartphones, laptops and several other electronic devices.

Generator – YouTube

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5. Headlamp

Still related to the lighting system, the headlamp actually has many uses, including being a replacement for a flashlight. This camping equipment is even a piece of equipment that you must have if you are setting up camp in the dark, when “nature is calling” in the middle of the night.

Camping Equipment
Headlamp – Road Affair

To get the most from the headlamp, you must prepare a product that has a higher lumen output. A brighter light will be able to light up more environmental areas and help improve contrast.

6. Fire Stick / Matches

Being able to start a fire quickly is vital in camping, and having a portable lighter (read: matches) is the best method for doing it. For those of you who are adventurous you can also use fire stick which has been shown to be very effective at starting a fire without matches, newspaper or firewood, and, best of all, can still be used in bad weather.

Fire Stick – Shopee

7. Umbrella

When it comes to camping, there’s nothing worse than getting caught in a rainstorm without proper rain protection. But if you have prepared an umbrella with quality windproof features, you will definitely be ready regardless of the conditions.

8. Food

Have section and preferences specially prepared for the kitchen during camping will help you to adjust the food consumption system which of course will vary greatly depending on how much or how little you want to cook during your time. camping.

Camping Equipment
Camping Food – WordPress

Some people may prefer to bring mostly cold or ready-to-eat food, while others prefer to prepare gourmet-style meals at their campsites. Deciding whether you will choose not to cook, cook on the stove, use the grill, or directly over the fire will help figure out what to pack and what types of food you need to spend.

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9. Tent

Choosing the right tent is Krussia. A good tent will be completely weather resistant and easy to install. The size and type of tent you choose will also depend on the size of the group you join with and your space requirements. But despite all these needs, a reliable tent model should be one that is well ventilated.

Tent – Bukalapak

10. Container / storage box

Even though it seems insignificant, it is important to keep camping equipment organized. Therefore, you need a transparent container or storage box that can help you see what’s in the box easily. This storage box can also help store your belongings to protect them from dust and wild animals.

11. Solar Charger

Solar chargers with USB connection can charge cell phones, cameras, Kindles or other devices only through the power of the sun. This product, which is usually quite premium, is also waterproof and can easily attach to your backpack to absorb sunlight while hiking.

Camping Equipment
Solar Charger – Tokopedia

12. Garbage Box

Keeping the camp area clean and free of litter to keep birds, rats, bears and other wildlife from coming is important. In the United States, there is a protocol Leave No Trace proven to improve the way campers manage their campsite areas. In some of these rules, you can adopt some good habits like separating recyclables. Do not throw trash containers in the camp area, or keep food and trash in the car.

13. Bottled Water

It will be very important to carry a high quality, reusable, filtered water bottle when camping. You can fill it in your campsite tap water without worrying about how clean the source is because usually a well-filtered water bottle can remove 99.99% of waterborne amoebae. You can even safely collect water straight from the river you know!

Bottled Water – Banggood

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14. Cooler Box

The trickiest part of camping is deciding what to eat and how to keep the food from spoiling quickly. If you have a gas stove with you (or if there’s a campfire), bring something easy to cook with you, or whatever else you might want to burn for dinner.

Camping Equipment
Cooler Box – Alibaba

For breakfast eating options, choose bread and eggs or yogurt with granola which can be an easy combination and also have a balanced nutritional value. Also make sure you bring tongs and a spatula with you, and pack all of these ingredients in a quality cooler filled with ice.

15. Stove

Carrying a stove with you when camping is the easiest and most convenient way to cook meals, especially if there is no grill at your campsite. As much as possible, choose a portable stove that is affordable, lightweight, easy to adjust, and made of high-quality materials.

16. Wet Wipes

Lastly, while camping you may not be able to shower as often as when you are at home and you may have times when you sweat and smell bad. Instead of worrying that your campers will smell your body, just bring some pack wet wipes to wipe the body.

Wet Wipes – Hello Riau

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Apart from some of the camping equipment items above, you also need to bring a special camping tool kit which usually includes duct tape, hunting knife or ax, spare rope and rubber hammer. Remember! It can be hard to get instant comfort in your first camping experience, but with experience, you can be sure to be completely prepared for any situation. Good luck!

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