10 Easy Saving Tips in 2021

Before jumping into the right savings tips, let’s get out the paper and record all your expenses. Such as installments, monthly electricity, insurance, monthly tuition, gasoline and your monthly internet quota.

Now, try to also note your small expenses such as snacks that you like to snack on in the afternoon, the coffee you drink every morning, the cigarettes you spend every day and other small things. If you still haven’t imagined it, you can also try recording your “small” expenses for 2 weeks and multiplying it by 2 to get a figure for approximately 1 month.

Once everything is added up, the result is certainly not small. This is what the experts call “phantom expenses.” We don’t know that our expenses are that big until we actually record them. Especially for these small expenses, sometimes only, 5 thousand per snack, 20 thousand for coffee in the morning, but when added together it becomes quite large in a month.

After you get your monthly expenses, let’s start reading tips on saving money so that your trip is fun:

10. Record Your Expenses

Saving Tips - Record Your Expenses (Laurensauder)
Best Savings Tips – Record Your Expenses (Laurensauder)

To save money, you need to also record your expenses as discussed above. Relax, no need to carry paper all the time, because there are already many expense recording applications out there, just search for “spending tracker” on your App Store or Google Play.

Sometimes there are several expenses that turn out to be quite large when added up in a month. If you can change that expense to a cheaper option, then you can save more for your travels.

9. Make a Different Bank Account

Saving Tips - Make a Different Bank Account (duwitmu)
Great Savings Tips – Make a Different Bank Account (duwitmu)

For those of you who can easily create a bank account, it would be a good idea to always separate a bank account for your daily transactions and a bank account for saving. For those of you who can’t create a bank account, you can also do it by saving your money in a different place, and only using the money from that place if it’s really, really tight.

Because according to experts, by separating transactional money from your savings, you will not spend more money. Because, you will tend to spend the money in the account / depository, if you see a lot of it, compared to if you don’t see it.

8. Reduce Your Coffee Consumption

Great Savings Tips - Reduce Your Coffee Consumption (kopituku)
Great Savings Tips – Reduce Your Coffee Consumption (kopituku)

Indeed this is quite difficult for some people. But just try to imagine, by cutting back on coffee, you can go to the beach that you dream of in Bali or in Phuket, Thailand? Surely it would be better, right?

Because of this, let’s say you buy 20,000 rupiah of coffee per day, on weekdays. Means 20 days x 20,000 rupiah = 400,000 rupiah. We try it 12 times for 1 year: 12 months x 400,000 rupiah = 4,800,000 rupiah. That amount of money spent is only for your coffee needs.

As an illustration, for those of you who are in Jakarta, you can buy round trip tickets from Jakarta to Bali for 3 people at the end of the year. Big enough, not your expenses?

Besides saving money, we also need to be smart in choosing flight tickets. Read: 12 Secret Tips for Hunting Cheap Airplane Tickets

7. Let’s Cook

Great Saving Tips - Let's Cook (kevinmccutcheon)
Great Saving Tips – Let’s Cook (kevinmccutcheon)

Indeed, now that you are working, you can afford to buy food outside, indeed you don’t want to live like a student. But try to count, with you cooking, not only can you save a lot, the nutrition you get is also very good.

Relax, along with the times, you can get recipes anywhere. Check out YouTube for recipes for short cooking times. You’d be surprised how little time it takes to cook such a fine meal.

6. Stream Just

Tips for saving money - just streaming (molliesivaram)
Tips for saving money – just streaming (molliesivaram)

Especially for those of you who still have a cable TV subscription, I don’t think you need it anymore. Unless that’s for your internet provider at home. If you can choose a cheaper package without subscribing to cable TV, it would be much better to take that package.

Nowadays there are so many streaming services, you can stop your cable TV subscription and streaming service subscriptions to make it cheaper. There are also more movie choices, and can be chosen instead of having to follow the channel’s viewing schedule.

Regarding streaming, you can also bring your laptop to stream comfortably while you are on vacation. Of course, you also have to be careful in carrying your electronic devices. Read these tips so that you are more calm when carrying your electronic devices: Laptop Tips – Bringing a Laptop on Vacation to Keep You Calm

5. Reduce Your Monthly Quota

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Great Savings Tips – Reduce Your Monthly Quota

Often at the end of the month, many quotas are left but must be renewed again. Now, to save your expenses, one way is to see the excess quota and change the package you have to take the following month.

Guaranteed you will be surprised by the quota which turns out to be enough for you to use it for a month. Not to mention that in the office you will use the office wifi, while in the place where you live you use wifi too. The quota that you will use is only very small. Don’t forget to choose an operator that is cheap and has a signal according to where you work and where you live.

4. Couchsurfing

Home Interior Living Room Sofa (nathanfertig)
Best Savings Tips – Couchsurfing (nathanfertig)

There are still many who don’t know what couchsurfing is. In short, you can “hitch a ride” in someone’s house for free while traveling to another area. This community is very safe, because you can also see people’s reviews from the website.

But of course, since people are always on the lookout for reviews, people who have just signed up will have a hard time finding people who want to occupy their homes.

This can be overcome by participating in a community “gathering” where you live, so that people in that community add you to their network on the website, so that you will be more trusted for the people whose house you will be boarding in the future.

Here, to be more enthusiastic about saving, you can see a free itinerary in Bali 3 days 2 nights as one of your triggers too: Free 3 days 2 nights Bali itinerary that will never be forgotten

3. Reduce or Stop Smoking

Stop Sign Signs (andersenjensen)
Tips for saving money – reduce or stop smoking (andersenjensen)

After you write down your monthly expenses, you will see that your cigarette expenses are quite large, right? Besides being good for your physical health, reducing or quitting smoking will be very good for your pocket health.

You don’t really need that to smoke that often. Reduce the intensity, imagine that by reducing the intensity of your smoking, you can increase your savings to go on vacation to Lake Toba or have an adventure to Sa Pa, Vietnam.

2. Stop Snacking and Bring a Drinking Bottle

Saving Tips – Stop Snacks and Bring Drinking Bottles (Laurensauder)

This is what is sometimes hard to do. There is research, if you used to eat something at a certain hour, the body will ask for it back around the same time the next day.

This is what happens when we eat snacks, as if our bodies are hungry and need food, but in fact your body is asking for what it got the previous day. It’s good that the money that you spend every day is saved for your holidays in the future.

Don’t forget to bring your drinking bottle whenever you want to eat food outside. Even though let’s say the drink costs 2 thousand per drink, which seems very cheap, a day we can spend 4 thousand for 2x meals. Let’s multiply it by 30 days: we spend 120,000 rupiah on drinks only. If we multiply it by 12 months, the total will be 1,440,000 rupiah for our 2 thousand drinks.

1. Seek Extra Money

Jakarta History Museum Fatahillah
Great Saving Tips – Look For Additional Money

The conomy sharing system makes it very easy to get income. You can rent excess space in your house to tenant applications to get extra. Or even become a tour guide on Get Your Guide to accompany tourists on a walk in your area.

No matter how little unused skills and assets, there is always an application or way to get extra money.

Those are the right saving tips that you can try to do. Hopefully it continues to be useful. Don’t forget that while on vacation, you need these applications to make your vacation more optimal: Traveling Applications: 20 Must-Have Travel Applications on a Traveler’s Mobile

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